Of freedom and sleepless nights

Though I am already a stay-at-home-mom, the book, “Free to Stay at Home” I borrowed from my friend, Traci, has been an encouragement. After a long and rather sleepless night, this paragraph was like a warm hug…

‘Often, after I’ve spoken at a retreat, young mothers with several children will come up to talk to me. I look into their seeking faces and wish I had a magical solution to make things easier for the. Especially do the young Christian mothers hope for some spiritual advice that will whisk them through the demanding years of day-after-day feeding, diapering, stopping fights, healing hurts, answering a multitude of questions, and yearning for a few moments of privacy. I usually just squeeze there hands, smile, and remind them they do have the advantage of a life controlled by the Holy Spirit. And, I add, “I know what you are going through; I had four little ones too. I know you get tired and confused, but I really admire what you are doing. It is the single, most important task God gives a woman. But, much of what you are living must just be gotten through. Millions of others have gotten through it and you will too. You may be really surprised in a few years to see that you have really been a great mother.” ‘

I am grateful for the freedom to choose to be a stay-at-home mom, and I’m also grateful for the sleepless nights – ’cause it means I’ve got a darlin’ little girl who loves me and needs me!

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  1. Traci Avatar

    She has a great perspective doesn’t she? I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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