November Snapshots

November in Alabama…you’re blowing my mind. We had a taste of you two years ago, when we camped in the bus for the month of November. With your endless days of sun and gentle warmth, I felt like I won a vacation to a tropical location. This year we came by you honestly–we survived June, July, August, September and even October’s occasional 90 degree day, and now we are in this magical month that I rarely recognize but am certainly enjoying.


Outdoors…Thanks to the cooler temps, we lifted the ban on the woods–one of the most endearing spots in our little yard, but one we avoid in the heat of summer because of…the snakes. The kids (and me, I readily admit) are drawn to the magic of the woods and are spending hours in fort building, path clearing, and tree climbing. Classic childhood activities, what I’ve always wanted for my kids.

Around the house…Lydia is walking. Her fan club is in ecstasy, constantly raving about her accomplishment. Now begins that season in which you find random items all over the house because, you know, the next thing after learning to walk is learning to cart things around, right? Yesterday she had figured out how to carry two baby dolls simultaneously. She has inherited her mother’s love of twins, methinks.


In school this month… the kids are learning about Castles and Medieval times, and Mommy is reading up on Charlotte Mason, resulting in most afternoons spent in outdoor discovery and unofficial nature study.


Jesse and Claire are both making great strides with their reading, and Jesse wrote his first book report completely on his own initiative. He didn’t even know what a book report was, but he wanted to write about his favorite book in school this month (A Door in the Wall) and he wrote and illustrated a synopsis almost completely by himself. I was so proud.


Also this month…

  • In the Kitchen…Peter Rheinhart’s American Pie is bringing our home pizza experience to the next level.
  • In the Studio…more handmade baby doll dresses, this time for a little girl soon to turn 6.
  • Behind the Blog…so much awesomeness–plans for the new year, but also some fun stuff that’ll go live in the next month! (It might have something to do with helping you enjoy gift giving, despite tight budgets–get on my newsletter list so you don’t miss out!)

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What have you been up to? Is it snowing where you are? 

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