More Sweet Pea Pilot Hats

OK – Here’s proof positive that I have been making lots of these hats. And Claire loves them!

These should keep her ears happy while we enjoy the breezes on our vacation…

Here’s how I cut out two hat’s worth out of a tiny tank top. Contrast binding came from another tank.

I may have gotten carried away yesterday, or it may be that these little hats are THAT FUN and THAT EASY.Here’s the pattern I used – had to cut out a size bigger than her biggest size to fit Claire at 1 1/2yrs.

Tip – use the same binding for several hats so you don’t have to change your thread.

You do NOT need a serger for these hats. Use a ball-point needle (one made for sewing with knits) on your sewing machine, and use various sized zig-zag stitches for the construction. I use a small width stitch for the seams that build the hat, and a wider-width, close zig-zag to apply the binding. I no longer bother to serge the binding seams (thanks to Martha for that time-saving tip! Check out her blog for the cute clothes she’s been sewing her boy!). Remember to stretch the binding as you sew it on, just like my Cover-Me-Pretty Cami Tutorial shows you.

 Don’t forget to scream with joy when you finish your first one! (this one took 10 minutes)

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  1. Miki Avatar

    Sooooooo cute! These remind me of the Hanna Andersson pilot hats I used to spend a small fortune on when my kids were babies. Wish I had a baby to make pilot hats for these days;-)

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