More Home Improvments

This week Jeremy started the process of laying down the tile we had always planned to put from the front door to the stove.

He had a very willing helper through the whole evening…

How very patient daddy was with dissapearing tools and a little boy who wanted to be as close to the action as he could be,

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3 responses to “More Home Improvments”

  1. carrie Avatar

    your pics look great Trina! Did you figure it out? I just host mine at Flickr and copy the code into the html screen when I'm writing. Blogger is a little different than wordpress. You could format the text around the photos over there, and I miss that.

  2. The Red Lobster Avatar
    The Red Lobster

    Haha that picture of Jesse under Jeremy as he is working is awesome!

  3. Laney Avatar

    Tile Uh! Good luck…I don't want to ever lay tile again after my bathroom and entry wall….*shudder* 🙂
    Little boy is getting soooo big!

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