More 31 Days Series for Your Real Food Journey

We’re nearing the end of this month of real food inspiration and encouragement and it occurs to me it’s quite possible you’re getting tired of hearing from me. So, I’m doing ya’ll a favor. I’m sharing my top pics from the 143 series in the Health, Wellness and Food sections of Nester’s 31 Days Series Challenge. Yes, I checked out dozens of them, and found the following ones to be most in line with the kind of whole food eating we love around here.

Whenever learning a new skill or developing a new habit it’s wise to find a mentor or friend to encourage you and hold you accountable. The blog world offers this kind of companionship through thousands of blogs on every topic  under the sun. If you really want to continue to make progress on your real food journey after October and into the new year, I’d encourage you to choose 3 to 5 blogs from the list I shared yesterday or the ones below and bookmark them, like them on facebook, or–if you promise not to get overwhelmed–subscribe to their blogs. This will ensure that you stay motivated and inspired next month and into the new year.

  1. Stacie is blogging about their personal real food journey. For a glimpse into what it looks like for a family to go from processed to whole foods, and for great advice along the way, check out her series.
  2. Kirtly Michelle is sharing how they “clean eat with a whole lot of grace” as a military family in Tennessee. Her series displays an minimalist approach to real food.
  3. Barb’s series is “The October Unprocessed Challenge”, she’s got a great collection of kid-friendly yummies and some gluten free recipes, too. I like her 80/20 approach.
  4. Kimberly’s blog features unprocessed recipes, and beautiful photography!
  5. Gratefully Nourished is sharing 31 days of yummy, healthier treats. Can you say Sprouted Wheat Flour Donuts? I’m loving the selection of whole food desserts!
  6. Even though her series got interrupted by some serious life events, I’m still including Jodi’s 31 days of Vitamix recipes because she’s one of my favorite real food bloggers (she’s kinda Pioneer woman but with real food.)
  7. Heather’s Back to Basics series involves a lot of growing their own food and eating local. Very inspiring, with links to resources for eating local.
  8. Although not in the food category of the challenge, Erin’s had some great healthy living posts this month in her series of letters to moms.

Have you read any other great 31 Days Series this month (besides mine? Oh, you’re too kind to mention it!)? Even if it’s not about real food, I’d really love to hear about the amazing blogs you found and read during this month of blogging awesomeness! Share the link in the comments? Thanks!


4 responses to “More 31 Days Series for Your Real Food Journey”

  1. Stacie Avatar

    Thanks for sharing my site! I’m a little late with this, but you know how it goes! 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      You’re welcome, Stacie, and yes, I know exactly how that goes 😉

  2. Katrina Avatar

    I’m loving your series this month! As a 30-something single living on the opposite coast it’s been fun to get some great food inspiration. I’m slowly working towards more and more real food, so recipes and menu ideas are a great source of encouragement. (I need to order your book next!) I even went out last week and got some kefir grains, so they’ve been reconstituting themselves on my counter all week and I’m excited to soon partake. I think smoothies will be my go-to. Here in Oregon it’s illegal to sell raw milk, or only under very certain conditions, so that’s not exactly an option for me.
    Congratulations on your sweet Lydia!
    I’m a blog stalker and have been following you for probably more than a year now, but wanted to say thanks for being a helpful resource. And a fun person to read about, and I’m sure even better in real life! 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      Hi, Katrina (love your name ;)) I’m so glad to hear my series has been helpful to you! I actually wrote my book for a single friend of mine who was trying to make healthier choices in the midst of a busy schedule, so I hope it inspires you!
      Would love to meet in real life. If you’re ever in NY or Alabama, let me know. 😉

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