Mommy Gets a Makeover, Part 2

Yesterday I described my personal style struggle. Today I’ll share what jump-started my personal fashion revolution:

Fashion Revelation #1: It’s OK to be a Copycat

All my life I’ve been inspired by the styles and tastes of the woman around me, yet I struggled to translate the looks I saw into an outfit for myself. I’ve always loved the outfits my mother puts together, but she’s 30 years older than me, and would be the first one to tell me that it wasn’t the best idea for me to copycat her. It’s the same with my sisters–both have unique and adorable senses of style, but they are 6 and 10 years younger than me. Neither can I glean fashion inspiration from my circle of girlfriends ‘cause our tastes and body styles often differ too much — did I mention I am 5’9” — the tallest woman I know?

I was left with the mistaken thought that I had to craft my personal style from thin air–come up with it on my own. Well, that deemed impossible, and my sense of fashion failure grew each season…Until the day I figured out it was ok to copy: I just had to find the right person to follow. Someone near my same age, with similar build, and well-developed fashion taste. That’s when I found her…Pinterest.

Fashion Revelation #2 Pinterest makes a great {fashion} role model.

Have you met Pinterest yet? I am indebted to Hayley Morgan’s “No-Brainer Wardrobe” for introducing me to how Pinterest could function as my own personal wardrobe assistant. Her simple advice finally gave me someone to craft my personal style after.

Following Hayley’s tips, I browsed through boards, first of friends on Pinterest, then doing keyword searches for name brands I liked (Garnet Hill, J.Crew), and then jumping over to other people’s boards with similar tastes as mine. Every outfit that caught my eye, I pinned in a category I called “Dressing”. Soon I had a collection of styles and fashions I knew I loved.

The next step Hayley instructed me in was to find the reoccurring themes on my pin board. This was easy.

  • I saw immediately that I was very attracted to long skirts– despite being liberated from the ankle length skirt rule I‘d lived under through my teens, I still loved the long, willowy look of a tall woman in a full length skirt. And there were many women wearing long, full skirts without being frumpy!
  • I also noticed that I actually liked belts— especially thin ones, layered over cardigans or button-up shirts.
  • I liked layers, neutrals, and classic lines in traditional styles.

Fashion Revelation #3 Your style is just that: YOUR style!

All those years of half-heartedly attempting to follow the trends of shorter skirts, bright colors, or punk-style accessories were a waste of time. None of that mattered since I’d finally found MY style!

Firmly identifying what I love has minimized the draw to fit into seasonal trends or waste money on fads that just aren’t me. I have learned to embrace ‘my’ style over being ‘in’ style and it has given me absolute freedom and joy in dressing.

Learn how I revamped my wardrobe for fall with the addition of just one article of clothing, one pair of shoes, and one accessory  in next week’s post. Meanwhile, if you want your own personal fashion adviser, get your copy of Hayley’s awesome ebook “The No-Brainer Wardrobe”. It’ll change your life.

*I’m an affiliate of the “No Brainer Wardrobe” so if you purchase a copy through the link I’ve provided, you bless both Hayley and me!

(Oh, and YOU—don’t forget what it could do for you!)

13 responses to “Mommy Gets a Makeover, Part 2”

  1. Donna Avatar

    This is a GREAT idea. I just downloaded her free chapter to see if the book will be helpful. If so, I will buy it.

    I used to have style. when i was a city girl, I worked at an ad agency in Manhattan, NY. I was not a chic fashionista, but i wore more than the current stretchy pants and t’s. I am a creature of habit these past…TWENTY years!
    Raising babies into adults does not allow for too much fashion sense…it’s all good when you are surrounded by moms who were in the same situation! My friends and I did not pressure one another to look good all the time. Which was good…especially through the denim jumper phase!
    I also did the ultra-plain dress for about 5 years. it did NOTHING for my self esteem OR my spirituality :0)!

    I am looking forward to implementing some of your ideas! I have limited resources for clothing—but that is our choice! I don’t like to own more that 10 (not including extra t-shirts and exercise wear!)outfits as I do not live a life that requires more. When I buy something, I try to get rid of something!

    So…keep the posts coming and PICTURES of what changes you make or outfits you find!

  2. Grace Avatar

    I totally loved reading this post! I’ve been going through something similar lately…trying to figure out what truly is ‘my’ style. I’ve never really cared about what’s ‘in’ so much as ‘how does it look on me’? I’m 5′ 8″, so I understand some of the difficulties of finding the right look for that. I have 3 kids and my body has been a different size during, and after each pregnancy! And yes, pinterest is amazing! 🙂

  3. Mandy Avatar

    I always cling to the hope that I’ll get rid of a few pounds which causes me to not buy the more expensive, better looking, longer lasting items.

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Such a fun series :). I really enjoyed Hayley’s posting series for the No-Brainer Wardrobe, but never bought the book. Perhaps I will have to check it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Jess Avatar

    My problem is I know what I like, the same things as you, but on my 5’5″ 200lb frame they don’t look right. Now. If I was only about 5″ taller I’d be doing good. I’m too small for Lane Bryant and too big for J. Jill.

    1. Donna Avatar

      Jess—I hear you! I am 5’3″ and wear a size 14/16 bottom and an 18 blouse… except size 18 blouses assume you have…um…well…a little more boobage than I have 0_0…so the shirts are too big under the arms. YES, I AM a seamstress but you know the saying of “the carpenters roof always leaks”? well, I fail to make time to take my blouses in so I wear them too big. Plus I carry my eight ALL in the tummy so there are many tops that just make me look preggo!

      I have found MANY great pieces of clothing at consignment and our Salvation Army (which is VERY nice and clean!). One brand that wear well for me is “a.n.a” clothing which is a JC Penny brand!
      Another revelation I have had is that certain umpire waist dresses will work provided they are short enough. If you are willing to wear dresses to the top of the knee it does wonders to give you length as well as my FAV discovery of “V” neck tops with a little rouching under the v.

      Of course, all bodies are different and these ideas may not help at all!
      is my FAV go to for fashion advice. HTH
      Oh for what its worth i read LOTS of advice but wear the same clothes all the time!

      1. Jess Avatar

        Thanks Donna for your help! I carry a fair amount in my hips/bum and then all of the rest of it in the front. A lot of empire waists definitely do the preggo thing (that was before having triplets lol).

        I’m going to check out WNTW….I’ll be in touch!

        1. Donna Avatar

          :0)…Warning! WNTW can be habit forming…but at least you will know what shoes to wear :0)! Glad we can encourage one another. TRIPLETS :0)! Awesome. I have a friend that had triplets…lots of work but LOTS of awesomeness!

  6. Lisa Avatar

    Love this post, Trina. Makes me want to go get dress…still in my workout clothes!

    1. Trina Avatar

      ha, work out clothes–a whole new area for me as I’m training for my first 5K. I feel a bit lost–guess I need to make a pinboard for jogging? 😉

  7. Natasha Avatar

    Am loving this, Trina. 🙂

  8. Naomi B.a Avatar

    How I used to wish I was you…I think am the shortest person I know 😉 (5 ft)

    Look forward to reading the rest of the series…ever since leaving the amish mennonite rules I am at loss what to wear 🙂 Especially with the constant body changes that pregnancy and such give…you think you’ve found it, and then a few weeks later it looks ridiculous on you!

    By the way, I think the links are wrong..they all go to 31 days of cleaning….

    1. Trina Avatar

      Oh, Naomi–you’re such a dear! Thanks for catching that for me–fixed now.
      I seriously think there is no body style that is beyond hope (and I even have some favorite tips for dressing during pregnancy and nursing in an upcoming post!) I hope you’ll be inspired!

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