Master Menu Plan

Below is the first rough draft of a project I have long considered necessary for combating Kitchen Combat Fatigue. It is one of my New Year’s Goals to get this master list of recipes in my repitiore so that I could turn to it whenever I need inspiration. Eventually all of these dishes will have live links to recipes, but today I am handicapped in what I can do online because the desktop (where I have all my bookmarks) isn’t working and I’m actually rolling play dough balls for my daughter between every sentence as I type. But this is a start, and I hope it inspires you to make a master list of your favorite recipes so you have somewhere to turn when you don’t know what on earth to make for dinner…

Whole birds: Roast Chicken, Stuffed Chicken, Chicken Soup

Breasts: Chicken Tenders, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Chicken Parmesan, White Lasagna

Legs: Honey Baked Chicken, Holden’s BBQ, Teriaki BBQ, Coconut Chicken

Leftover Chicken: Chicken Divan, Chicken Gravy, Chicken Soup, Chicken Gnocci Soup, Chicken Tetrazzini, Fajitas,

Ground: Meatloaf, Tacos, Taco Salad, Enchiladas, Mexican Lasagna, Taco Soup, Beef Straganoff, Cheeseburger Soup, Red Meat Chili, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce or Meatballs, Swedish Meatballs, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Salsbury Steaks, Vietnamese Fried Rice, Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie, Hamburgers, Sloppy Joes

Stew: Beef Paprika, Beef Stew

Special Cuts: Ree’s Short Ribs, Pan-fried steak, Best Steak Marinade,

Sausage and Ham (pork or chicken)
Ham and Cheese Cass., Fetticini Alfredo, Chili, White Lasagna, Pizza, Calzones, Quiche,

Holden’s Egg Casserole, Oven Baked Pancake, Low Carb Egg Muffins, Oatmeal, French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Omelets, French Toast Souffle, Pancakes

 Feel free to add your favorite stand-by dinner ideas in the comment section!

4 responses to “Master Menu Plan”

  1. Natalie_S Avatar

    Chicken Pot Pie
    Pot Roast with veggies
    Tortellini Soup
    Pasta Casseroles (like baked ziti)
    Stir Fry

  2. Kateri Avatar

    I like Anne's idea. I have a list (for myself) of simple quick breakfasts and easy to pack lunches for work so I don't have to think too much when I am getting ready for work. I've been wanting to do something similar with main meals so we don't end up eating the same things over and over again for dinner!

  3. Anneloes Avatar

    I am working on a similar list and found a great way for the list to come together… just taped a piece of paper on the fridge and have been writing down all our main meals for the last 2 months. Also helps for teen daughter who complains at times that we 'always' eat rice… No I can show her proof that it isn't true.
    Blessings, Anneloes

  4. Kate Avatar

    One of my all-time favorites and a definite standby (thanks to living in TN) is pulled pork in the crockpot. So easy, simple and it smells good all day! (And makes lots of leftovers.)

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