Mamma Musings

As much as I love a newborn, having one around makes me all the more grateful for my two year old. I am glad to discover that even as they grow and change, there is plenty to enjoy and love at every age. As fulfilling as it is to have a little baby dependent on you for its every need, a two year old who is learning to dress himself is equally delightful. Sure, that sweet baby smell is replaced by a child who can get dirtier and smellier than believable at times, but then comes the fun of bath time! The ability to get ‘into trouble’ also means an ability to help with small tasks. Yes, he gets drenched sometimes when he helps wash dishes, but his companionship is worth it. As sweet as the coos of a newborn are, my toddler’s forays into verbal communications are just as beautiful to my ears…

This week he is surprising me by using “yes” and “no” with increasing regularity. Only it’s “esss” and “mo“. I have never heard a kid say “mo” for “no” – it’s hilarious. When he uses his new word to contradict me it’s only slightly less humorous. I’m just glad it’s taken him nearly 2 1/2 years to add this often-naughty little word into his vocabulary. With so many kids it’s their main word! So, the other day I decided if he’s going to say no, he’s going to be polite about it. I said, “Say, ‘no, thank you’” And, would you believe it, he said “mo” and signed “thank you”. 🙂

So, I am not sad as with each day Claire’s babyhood is gently sliding into the past. We are enjoying her as and infant, but we also look forward to the future, knowing that each season has its joys.

photo caption – Jesse helping Grandma with the dishes the day Claire was born.

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  1. Elise Avatar

    What an awesome post Trina, It is so true! Oh, and BTW I LOVE the new profile picture! Claire looks like a perfect little baby doll.

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