Letting the Rocks cry out.

Just thought I’d clue you on as to why we all have been so brief or utterly silent in our posting lately! Each January we have the fun of participating in the local spinning guild’s annual open house/craft show called Rock Day (don’t ask me why). This is the second year that Anja has had a table there, and she and Mom and Olivia were all busy this week making up inventory – meaning, baskets! And I was just busy being busy. We promise that next we will flood you with pictures of what kept us too busy to post this week! 🙂 OH, we got so inspired – such lovely wool and yarn and colors and projects and – I won’t tell you how many baskets sold – I’ll let Anja do that!

Meanwhile, Jeremy got some more done next door – he worked all day yesterday and today, and I have pictures of his accomplishments, too. All coming your way next week!

Have a great weekend!

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