Let it snow!!!

We are getting our first snow storm today! I’m glad I did all those errands yesterday – we hardly knew this storm was coming – at least, we didn’t know it would be this bad! I drove up to Mom’s this morning to pick up Anneke to spend the day with me, and it was coming down so hard that Jeremy called and advised me to wait until the snowplow went by before coming home. We did, and had the pleasure of following Mr. Licak almost all the way home. We went 35 m.p.h. and I had to get out once to clean the wipers. What excitement!
Now we are in the process of being snowed in, and I can’t imagine a cozier way to spend the day!

When we got home, I had Anneke grab the camera to take a picture of Jesse and I in the snow. Jesse was fascinated by the snow, and didn’t want to come inside, though he is afraid to touch it. 🙂 See how we had to take two pictures to try to get one that didn’t have a snowflake blurring our faces? But it was snowing too hard!

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6 responses to “Let it snow!!!”

  1. Will Avatar

    Ah that was a wonderful snow storm! After an hour, the snowfall was more than we had all last winter!

  2. abigail Avatar

    I'm so envious of Sarah and Will!

  3. Katie Avatar

    Wow! Your first snowstorm? We have had 4 or 5 already this year we probably have a foot and a half on the ground. Babies and snow are such a fun mix!!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Forgot to add, we're having a heat wave here in Asheville–almost 70. But by Sunday, the high will be 38 with a small amount a snow projected.


  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Lovely pictures. I miss my babies having those red cheeks ( they are now 17 & 11) Stay Cozy


  6. Alice Avatar

    We're in the same snowstorm! Isn't it so much fun?

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