Kitchen Curtains

The other day, on his lunch break, Jeremy put up my kitchen curtains.

It was wonderful to have this last step completed!

I chose the fabric ’cause it had windmills in some of the scenes, and would match the delft and other dutch decorations in my kitchen.

Somehow it seems to match the light fixture too, I’m not sure why. Maybe the curves, or the way the light shines through?
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3 responses to “Kitchen Curtains”

  1. Matt,Shell,and lil' Benjamin. Avatar

    those are lovely , GREAT JOB !

  2. Traci Avatar

    I love your fabric choice, you’re right it is very “you”..

  3. Whitney Avatar

    Oh very pretty! I didn’t think I liked valences, but I think you just changed my mind. And yes, it does match the lighting. I think it’s the curves and the metal – they match the feminine print. And the white matches the white shades. It looks very balanced. 🙂

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