Having Fun with Our New Kindergarten Curriculum

When I opened up the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle last week, I thought I was getting just ebooks. But when I found entire kindergarten curriculums included in the package, I pretty much started dancing. We do school year ’round (which works with our kinda crazy traveling schedule) and I had just been looking around for what I could use for curriculum for our summer school session. The Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten Package was exactly what I needed for all three of the kids. How is that possible? I’ll show you.


Yesterday I printed out about half of the “A” activity pages from the Raising Rock Stars Package and passed them around to the kids. They were all excited about new “Table School” as we call it–even my 6 year old, who has not been a fan of seat work lately, actually got into it! The kids liked having something new and fit just to their age and abilities.


Jesse (6) is right at that point with his reading and writing that he needs gentle repetition. A tracing page with a scripture verse (woot!) allowed me to point out the small words he could sound out himself, and give him good writing practice was a win for both of us.


For Claire (4) there was shape recognition, and instructions to follow that will help her develop hand/eye coordination to be ready for writing.


For Seth (2) I just printed out something to be used as a coloring page. He was really happy about being up at the big table with the big kids doing the exact same thing as them! Look at the tongue sticking out in concentration!



Can you see the joy?

Last year I used the Explode the Code preschool books with Jesse–they are quality and we liked them. But we only ended up using about half of each book because he wasn’t into that much seat work I don’t believe in making younger children do a lot of repetition and handwriting practice anyway. The beauty of an online curriculum, I’m realizing, is the freedom to print as many or as few worksheets as that particular child needs. I can already tell Claire is gonna love worksheets, and I’m excited that I won’t have to purchase loads of consumable workbooks to keep her busy! I’m also delighted that I will not have to buy a new workbook each time one of my kids reaches the kindergarten level!

Another thing that impressed me with the Raising Rockstars Package, was the variety of skill levels within the package, allowing me to print work for all three ages of my kids from one curriculum! If you have a lot of littles just starting into homeschooling, this package would be very cost effective for you!



Here’s to fun summer school for everyone!


7 responses to “Having Fun with Our New Kindergarten Curriculum”

  1. Jess Avatar

    I was about to write the same comment as Heather above ๐Ÿ™‚ I kept seeing posts about the bundle and although it sounded awesome and I’ve been doing the sample workout and package of 3 from Fit2B I just couldn’t convince myself this was a “need” right now. Then your post came and as homeschooling is in our future (doing pre-school at home, sort of, right now) – this pushed me to get it and now I’m so excited! A few books I wanted to get are in the bundle so what a great idea to create this package.

    1. Trina Avatar

      Jess–Yeah! they really did a good job putting this bundle together. I can’t believe how much there is for us mommies!

  2. Heather Avatar

    I really wasn’t going to buy this because honestly $30 is a lot to us, especially if you think it’s ‘just for ebooks’. So I didn’t even look at it. However when I saw your post for kindergarten curriculum it was impossible for me to overlook. Then I started digging deeper and finding some really great stuff. Convinced my husband to let me buy it after I showed him the Marriage and Romance books. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Trina Avatar

      that’s what sold my husband on the bundle, too, Heather! LOL Thanks for supporting my site! I hope you will enjoy the bundle!

  3. Carisa Avatar

    I am so thrilled to see how much you AND your kiddos enjoy RRSK! Developing those programs was a labor of love and it still warms my heart to see families using them! Humbling too! Thanks so much for the kind words and the amazing photos of your kids!

  4. Lisa Avatar

    I had to laugh at your workbook comment. My 11 year old has never been a workbook girl! My 4 year old son can not get enough workbooks. So I say “there are workbook types and non-workbook types.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Trina Avatar

      I never realized how different each child’s needs could be in homeschool, and am glad to now have a curriculum that means no waste and no extra expenses!

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