Jesse’s Favorite Room

From the dinning room we head right into the play room. This room is such a bonus blessing. First of all, I love it’s location – it used to be a porch, opening right off the dinning room, and the windows in one wall of the living room look right into it. I can monitor them easily from most of the downstairs. It is sunny and spacious and – has no outlet. Perfect for a playroom. 🙂

We always have the door open into the playroom, which is nice ’cause it’s a really lovely old door. (You can see it on the left in the picture of my dinning room in the previous post).

Jesse and Claire hang out in here all the time together. The floors, originally slanted to let the rain run off, add a whole new challenge to block towers!

I think this room has one of the best views in the house – this is the side of the house you can see the lake from. Jesse loves it ’cause if he’s in the play room he is one of the first to see anybody arrive in the driveway. I wish I could record the ensuing shriek of excitement to an out door speaker and play it when people pull in so that our guests could know just how very welcome they are!

My favorite thing? The fact that this room can be a complete mess and it’s not in the way. No more tripping over toys in the middle of the living room or kitchen floor – the toys have a place to belong and a boy who loves this room…
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3 responses to “Jesse’s Favorite Room”

  1. Traci Avatar

    It really is a great room, and the fact that it has no outlet is just so ideal.

  2. Abbey Avatar

    The toy room looks like such a pleasant place!! It must be wonderful to have a room just for playing in!!

  3. Kateri Avatar

    Love all those windows! I think Jesse ended up with the best room in the house for his play room!

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