Jesse’s Birthday, Part Fifth

So, lunch was enjoyed at the park with cousins and grandma and aunties and uncles, then all went home for naps!
While kiddos napped, mamma continued birthday preparations.

Homemade Vanilla Ice cream (you aint had ice cream until you’ve had this – make your own!)

When the Birthday Boy awoke, he helped prepare the pizzas. I didn’t even have to ask him. Such a helpful boy.

A crowd of cousins! All enjoying pizza at our generous dinning room table.

After dinner he opened his presents. He received a wooden train set (fulfilling a life long dream of mommy’s! :)) He was so engrossed in this new wonder for the rest of the evening – he didn’t even want to take a break for cake! This is the look he gave you if you even hinted at his leaving the train yard – “What? You’ve got to be kidding!”

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2 responses to “Jesse’s Birthday, Part Fifth”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    Glad you found the wooden train track! Those things are so cool! I know what I'll be doing this afternoon when I come over….lol. JK.

  2. Abbey Avatar

    I love that train track!! And that icecream looks delicious!!:)

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