Insomnia Speaks

Can’t sleep? Need ideas for Christmas gifts? Need something to do while you munch on cheese curds, waiting to be sleepy enough to go back to bed?
All of the above?
I have the answer for you – hop over and browse Sew, Mamma, Sew’s Handmade Holidays posts. They’re sure to entertain, inspire, and delight. And you might just be too excited to fall back to sleep!

(I used to suffer terribly from insomnia. The last time I was pregnant I finally discovered what seemed to trigger it – sugar before bed. Usually my blood sugar issues don’t surface outside of pregnancy, but I guess that “Pie in a Jar” with Haggan Das Vanilla Ice cream at 9:30 did me in. Yes, I ate the whole thing myself! See, I am a little wicked sometimes. But I pay for it!)

One response to “Insomnia Speaks”

  1. Serena Avatar

    Hmm, I've noticed that if I eat a lot of sugar in the evening I'm exhausted the next morning (whether I get to bed at a reasonable hour or not), but I think you've also pinpointed the cause of MY insomnia. I learn so much from you, Trina!

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