In Which We Go to the Fair to See the Animals

Yesterday we went on a family outing to the Great New York State Fair. It was perfect weather and we had a lovely time.

Oh, what fun. When you’re (almost) 2 and (almost) 4, what could be more fun than a whole day at the fair, touring in a tandem stroller, seeing all of your favorite animals? Here Claire and Jesse enjoy the bunnies. We were too busy enjoying them enjoying the rest of the animals to take pictures, so you’ll just have to believe us when we say we saw all kinds of Rabbits, Birds, Cows, Lammas, Pigs, Horses, Dogs, Monkeys and even Elephants. The kids were delighted over and over.

Plus, there was a train. Animals AND Trains? Are you sure this isn’t heaven? I love the above shot, and think it’s funny that Jesse was too busy explaining to me how they got up into the train and where the doors were to bother to wave at mommy.

The kids were real troopers – even Seth, who spent most of the day sleeping in his stroller. We actually had two strollers, and the help of Grandma and Grandpa and a couple uncles, so we made quite the parade as we wound our way through the crowds from exhibit to show to the next sampling of our favorite fair food. (Don’t talk to me about how unhealthy it all was – I KNOW – but it’s tradition, and it’s only once a year. My choice was a Gyro – traditional Greek Lamb and Pita wrap – which I think was actually one of the best things you could find at the fair – and, in my mind, the tastiest!)

Jesse’s favorite thing was watching the monkey show. My favorite thing was watching Jesse watching the monkey show. It was really quite entertaining, and his laugh was the most beautiful sound at the fair…

4 responses to “In Which We Go to the Fair to See the Animals”

  1. Trina Avatar

    Erin – It's a prolife shirt he got himself at Creation Fest last summer – I blushed when I first saw it, but now I love it. It says,
    “My Two Favorite Things to Make With My Wife…Cupcakes and Babies!”
    The shirt is from

  2. Erin Avatar

    This may seem like a random question, but I'm wondering what the rest of Jeremy's shirt says (3rd picture)…

  3. Kika Avatar

    ops!..the monkey face.. it was too serious…hehe..

  4. Abbey Avatar

    Looks like you had a wonderful time!! We are going to the fair next week!
    And I have to admit, that monkey or baboon or whatever it is has the strangest face I ever saw!!:)

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