In Which we drive a tractor in the livingroom

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4 responses to “In Which we drive a tractor in the livingroom”

  1. rahraht Avatar

    oooh..hardwood in the livingroom! It makes me miss my childhood home – It was built in 1912 and only the mainfloor bedrooms had carpet. Cold wood floors in the AM are a great way to wake up!:)
    Your title caught me off guard. I thought… they wouldn't really bring it inside would they?!? 🙂

  2. Abbey Avatar

    I think Claire is going to make a good little farm girl!!:)

  3. Joanna Avatar

    They both look like they are having a blast!!!

    P.S. The living room looks great Trina!!!! I love the wood floor, and the furniture all looks lovely:)

  4. Karen Avatar

    Wow the excitement is written all over her face!!!! We can tell she loved it for sure.

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