In Real Life, You Bring A Casserole…

…But in the online world, when a friend has a baby, you write a guest post. Guest posts are the casserole of the online world, allowing your friend’s blog to stay active even while they’re taking some extra time off to celebrate that little baby.

Last month my friend, Rebekah, welcomed her second child, Baby Noah, into the world. Last week I guest posted on her blog with one of my favorite casserole recipes and tips on making real food fast when life get’s busy (like now – hello, garden! What? It’s time to make dinner already?) Join me over at Simply RebekahGetting Ahead With Bulk Food Prep {plus Garlic White Lasagna Recipe!}

2 responses to “In Real Life, You Bring A Casserole…”

  1. Noël McNeil Avatar

    What a great thing to do for a friend…if you can’t bake for them, then write for them. 🙂 I need to make that lasagna soon…looks delicious!

  2. Rebekah from Simply Rebekah Avatar

    HAHA! I love it! A guest post is certainly a blogging casserole. Thanks for bringing some “food” to my blogging table!

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