If I have not love…

The other morning in the few minutes I had alone under the warm Christmas tree lights before the monkeys came down demanding breakfast, my Father gently reminded me that,

I needed this reminder, people, because though these photos show all the shiny parts of our month so far, there have been plenty of those moments where stress was high, where mommy put projects over hearts, and let anger drown out the sound of carols. I’m in process, and am thankful that my Father is so patient with me.

This lovely list of of “10 ways to find relief from Christmas pressure” reminded me to “ that loving the person in front of you is the only real task at hand.” (visit my friend Amanda’s blog for the whole list by Lara Williams) (P.S. the list will make you laugh!)

Praying for myself and each of you that you can keep focused on that thing that makes the whole season sparkle…love.

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  1. Amanda Medlin Avatar

    I am right there with you my friend! Thank you for the lovely reminder because I needed to hear it once again!

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