How to Buy and Sell an E-book

When I bought my first ebook last fall, it was a huge step for me. I’d never bought a digital download before.  I’m afraid of the unfamiliar. It wasn’t hard – I did it all by myself. But then I had to have my husband show me how to find and view the file when he got home from work. (Yes, I am that computer illiterate – it’s my husband and good friend, Christine, who make me look like what I know what I’m doing on this blog!)

I almost chickened out on buying the book.
It came highly recommended from a blogger I trust. The sales page and reviews I read were all very positive. I just didn’t like not being able to flip through the book to see if it was something I’d actually use and enjoy. The thing that finally convinced me to take the chance was the opportunity to get it for free. The author had a 50/50 affiliate program – meaning if I liked it, recommended it to my readers, and sold just 2 copies, I’d make my money back.

So, I took my personal plunge into the digital consumerism, and bought my first ebook, Tell Your Time.

Boy, was I surprised. Not only was the content high quality and life-changingly beneficial, I found I loved ebooks! I liked…

  • low cost compared to printed books.
  • freedom to  print only the sections I especially liked
  • relevance of the information – digital self-publishing allows the author to put forth up-to-the minute content, research and resources without the months-long delay between writing and publishing in the traditional way.
  • accessibility of the author

When I enjoy a book, I often wish I could thank the author personally. After I read Tell Your Time, I really wanted to tell Amy how much I loved it – so I just sent her off an email (which she quoted on her sales page!) It was so much fun to be able to actually interact with the author. And as I went through the steps to become an affiliate, she was right there, with prompt, helpful emails.

The $9 I spent was well worth it for the simplicity her book brought to my holiday schedule and for the principles I’ve been using every day since. And did I mention, I got my copy for free? Oh, yes – I’ve sold well over 2 copies of the book through my affiliate links, actually allowing me to make some money on my blog just by sharing “all that is good” in my life with you.

You see, we make recommendations every day (movies, restaurants, recipes). An affiliate program enables you to get paid when you spread the word about something you love. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce the affiliate program for my book, Real{Fast}Food! Starting today, you can sign up to become an affiliate, meaning, if someone buys the book on your recommendation, you get a percentage of the sales! I took Amy’s example of a 50% payout because I wanted to thank you and make it worth your time to help promote my book. You don’t even have to have a blog – you can use the link on Facebook or Twitter, or even in an email.

All you have to do is:

  1. Buy a copy of Real{Fast}Food for just $6.
  2. Read the book for yourself and make note of what you especially like.
  3. Sign up for the affiliate program (step-by-step instructions here).
  4. Tell your friends and readers about the book, using the link Ejunkie provides for you.
  5. Check out the cool banners and graphics my husband made to help you advertise!

It’s that simple.  Thanks for helping me spread the word!

Real{Fast}Food – the Affiliate Program

2 responses to “How to Buy and Sell an E-book”

  1. Belle Avatar

    I love my e-reader. Books are at least half the cost. It's nice you are giving it a try. I didn't think about emailing the author, but that is a great idea.

  2. Kristina Avatar

    I am waiting for my paypal card to come thru on swagbucks. I hope it go thru soon so that I can get. I want to read it.

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