How Ironic…

…that Hurricane Hannah is threatening to rain on my friend Hannah‘s outdoor wedding this weekend! Please pray with us that the rain clouds stay away for their afternoon wedding ceremony!

Hannah and I at her bridal shower a few weeks ago.

I’ve known Hannah for 14 years – I am so excited to celebrate this day with her! She has asked me to coordinate, and Jeremy is, of course, bringing his camera. We’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon to attend the rehearsal (the wedding is two hours away), and will return Saturday night.

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3 responses to “How Ironic…”

  1. Sarah Parah Avatar
    Sarah Parah

    And, I’ll be praying that you don’t need rain coats or umbrellas!!!

  2. Duck Avatar

    I will bring my umbrella!

  3. Olivia Joy Avatar

    Ug, that would not be cool. I think I’m going to wear a rain coat ;P

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