Horse Parking Next Door

A garage sale down our road brought more than the usual traffic on our little back road the other morning. The local Amish are always first on the scene. They took advantage of the empty, unmowed place next door to park their horse.

The kids changed out of pj’s as fast as possible and headed out to say hello.

I loved Claire’s choice of footwear, worn with a dress I made her last year (tutorial here) which has shrunk to tunic length. (or maybe Claire has grown?)

Jesse could not have been more delighted at our early-morning visitor.

2 responses to “Horse Parking Next Door”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    I have to agree! I would be quite impressed with that early morning visitor too 🙂 I love horses!

  2. Belle Avatar

    I can see where that would be exciting for the kids. Love the photos.

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