Homestead Bouquet

Last week, on their way through Norwich to another destination, my younger sister, Anneke, had the privilege of a visit back to our property that we lived on for the first 9 years of her life. She and Judah ran around in the now over-grown yard, marveling at the changes three years of our absence had brought. They found a few treasures to bring back, including this bouquet wich Anneke picked for me, and held safely in her lap for the rest of the 7 hours they drove that weekend!

also pictured is her latest poem, in which she uses the names of the flowers in her bouquet as well as other wild flowers in our area, which is the official poem of the month on our blog….

A flowerful wedding
The beautiful daisy as the bride
a feathery white weed placed lightly
On her hair as a veil
Her groom, the Mexican
With a Mexican hat and a daisy‘s
White petal as a tie.
Their pastor a jack-in-the-pulpit
With a bishop’s cap
Her one bridesmaid
A Hollyhock doll
with a beautiful pink foxglove-pointed hat
All in all a beautiful wedding.

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  1. AM Avatar

    How lovely! Both the poem and the bouquet!

    I really want to hear the rest of yout "Tipi Tales" story! 🙂

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