Homeschool Convention!

We are just home from an inspiring and encouraging day at the NYS Homeschool convention. We’ll head back tomorrow bright and early, ’cause I don’t want to miss any of the wonderful sessions! Also, Jeremy and I are speaking tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Please pray for us – I really want whatever God wants us to say to come through to people! If you are at convention, please find us and say “hi”. It’s been so fun to meet some of my readers and get to talk in person. If you didn’t plan to attend convention but find yourself free tomorrow, I highly recommend making the trip to Rochester – walk-ins are welcome! Today I listened to Jeff Myers, Norm Wakefield, and (my personal favorite today) – singer and songwriter, Andrew Peterson. I hope to share some of my notes and quotes that inspired me in later posts! It’s all been so good and applicable!
See you there!

I’ll be back to regular posting next week – this week got too busy for me to do any more blogging! Have a great weekend,

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