Not exactly snow bound, we are nevertheless celebrating all the homey things that are unique to this homebound season.

 homespun wool drying in the laundry room.
a special project for my valentine
What projects are you up to that make this season special?

3 responses to “Homebound”

  1. rahraht Avatar

    Embroidery and making notecards from my huge stash of scrapbook stuff have been my creative activities lately. It's fun matching the paper and enbellishments to the recipients personality.
    I've also been reading and “blog hopping” – looking for whole food recipies; hoping I'll have the energy to make something good soon.

  2. LeAnna Avatar

    Blog hopped here from YLCF, and have really enjoyed reading your blog. The sweet pictures of your baby girl sleeping in the post below are just beyond precious! My little boy is almost 13 months, and this toddler stage is a blast!

  3. Traci Avatar

    I'm slightly jealous of your time at home, lol. All your projects look like such fun!

    I hope you're doing well! I don't know if we'll see you tomorrow or not, it all depends upon our general health. If not then I wish you a lovely Valentine's Day!!

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