Highlights from the Trip

Water Slides

All the water park fun in Wisconsin Dells was the perfect opportunity to give Jesse a lot of water exposure before he could develop a fear of the water. The whole family had a blast at indoor and outdoor water parks. To judge for yourself whether I was actually having fun in those last pictures, click on it to enlarge and see my facial expression. Fun, fun, fun. LOL

Family and Friends
We made new friends, made memories with old friends, and visited family all along the way. I had the privilege of introducing my 94 year old grandmother to her great-grandchild, Jesse. The Lord gave a special time together. Despite her increasing bouts of dementia, she remembered me as well as Jeremy and the rest of his family, quoted scripture, and even sang one of her signature old songs from England. We also got to meet a new friend – Alicia, who drove 1 1/2 to meet us at our condo while we were in Wisconsin.

Firsts for Jesse
We enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of my Aunt Becky while we were in Michigan, which included the use of the jet ski and lots of yummy food! Jesse enjoyed his first ride, and his first ice cream cone there.

At the Elliot’s in Ohio he was determined to try the diving board because everyone else was doing it! He jumped off all by himself about 4 times before going on to other pleasures.

Time as a Family
There’s nothing better than being able to relax and make memories together as a family. We were blessed that the Lord gave us this time together, kept the bus running, and brought us all home in one piece! ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting back home we jumped right into chicken processing, blueberry picking, laundry, and getting ready for the Annual State Farm Expo that Holden Coal has a booth at each year. It’s been busy, but it’s good to be home.

(P.S. As you can see, I tried to give the blog a facelift – but as usual had trouble with my heading picture. Can anyone tell me how to get that photo centered? I know I have to go into the html setting, but after that I’m lost. Thanks in advance! – Trina)

5 responses to “Highlights from the Trip”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Yay, Trina’s back! I just talked to Olivia, and she <>promised<> to post something soon – don’t let her forget! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rachel Avatar

    yay!!!! im so excited to see pictures and everything! i missed you all while you were on vacation and it’s absolutely wonderful to get on the blog and see some new stuff!!!

  3. rahraht Avatar

    Sooo happy you made it home! You were missed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Traci Avatar

    Great pictures!!! Glad you guys had such a fun trip, and it was great seeing you on Sunday!

  5. Olivia Joy Avatar

    I thought you had passed on to the other side of the Jordan!!! It’s been a long time comin’ honey ๐Ÿ˜‰Love you guys I shall be home sooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!

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