Here he comes!

3 responses to “Here he comes!”

  1. sarah Avatar

    Oh yeah! I have high speed!!!! I was able to watch the video, and it didn't stop once! Oh the joy!

    Jesse is crawling so well!

    *i used a lot of these, !

  2. Trina Avatar

    katie – I posted the video from photobucket – it was really easy, you just load your photo and then they give you all different options to share it – I clicked on blogger, signed in, and it did it for me! I love this feature…

  3. Katie Avatar

    Hi Trina!!!!

    He is getting so big!!!!

    Great video!
    I was wondering how you got the video on here. My sister's blog won't allow her to post videos and I was wondering what you had done.

    Katie (PressingOn S&S)

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