Happy to be Here

I was very blessed yesterday, and I just have to share it with any body out there who is listening. For two years now, on and off, but mostly on, I have been following a rather strict dietary plan to help my body to better health. The summer before I was married, I made an appointment with our naturopathic doctor just for a basic checkup. There was nothing glaringly wrong, but a few things not quite right. I won’t share a lot of details, but basically, my body was trying to tell me that it was bogged down with toxins. I was depleted, and my body was not receiving nor assimilating the nutrients it needed to heal itself. Robin put me on a simple -but difficult- diet. NO white flour, NO white sugar. A few other details, but that was basically it, and it made a huge difference. I lost 10 Lbs. in 2 months (resulting in my wedding dress fitting rather loosely in the end!:)), and I felt great!

I slacked off a little after the wedding, but had to start watching what I ate again when I was pregnant, because of blood sugar issues. After Jesse was born I took a ‘break’ again, enjoying not having to worry about how many grams of protein I was taking in every time I opened my mouth. But then, early this year, I started to have chest pains – severe enough to eventually send us to the emergency room. The doctors did an EKG and chest X-rays, and told me I was fine. They said I could take Advil for the pain and sent me home. That was not what I wanted to hear. I was relieved that they could tell me that there was nothing wrong with my heart, but I didn’t want a band-aid. I wanted to get to the root of the problem.

The next week I had an appointment with Robin. Jeremy went along with me; we were both hoping to get some answers. After she did some tests, and we prayed together, we talked for a while, and eventually the Lord did reveal to us what my problem was – Stress. Now, I have a wonderful life. I would not say I was stressed, and nobody else would, either. But the Lord gave us insight and helped me to realize and admit that I have put myself under stress because of my drive to please. I worried all the time what people were thinking about me – even complete strangers! Robin repeated to me the wise advice my husband had been giving me, and suddenly it all made sense. I needed to only strive to please God and my husband, and give the rest to the Lord. If I could get a handle on this, and continue to relieve the physical stress my body was under due to the toxins, Robin predicted that I would notice a world of difference. I went home with the determination to seek the Lord, knowing I needed a complete change in my thought patterns.

The regime I was on diet-wise included 12 oz. fresh carrot and apple juice daily, a big, fresh salad every day, plenty of water, no caffeine, sugar, or any processed foods. That meant nothing ground, baked, or otherwise processed too far from its original form. I couldn’t even have my own whole wheat bread. Boy, did I miss my carbs! I could only use honey for a sweetener. I got real creative with substitutes – thus the potato pancakes and yummy granola recipes. I also was taking a few supplements to assist detoxing and digestion.

Fast-forward 4 months. By God’s grace, I have undergone major heart surgery, but not with doctors and anesthesia. With Scripture, prayer, and God’s grace, my mind has been renewed, and I have learned to recognize the thought patterns that bring on stress. I have rejoiced in the peace that has come as a result on focusing on God and Jeremy for my fulfillment and approval. And that’s not all. I haven’t had a panic attack or chest pains in months! I feel great, and my appointment with Robin yesterday afternoon confirmed what my body was telling me: I’m doing great! She said I have made excellent progress and am ‘the picture of health’. ๐Ÿ˜€ Best of all, she said I could start having bread again – ever other day, and only if I make it myself, pre-soaking the grain. I am so excited – I am planning my first baking in months – my favorite Peach Almond Muffins.

I praise God for giving us the wisdom to take care of our bodies. I thank Him for my wise, supporting husband, and for Robin’s wonderful ministry, Christian Natural Health. I thank Him for giving me the strength each day to make healthy choices, and for the hope He has given me for the future. Thank You, Lord!

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  1. Natalie_S Avatar

    Oh, that's wonderful. My MIL is a health consultant (working on her ND) as well as a very wise Christian woman, and I know what a wonderful blessing it can be. I love hearing stories like this, and I'm rejoicing with you over your healing and growth.

  2. Laura Avatar

    Congratulations, Trina! Praise the Lord for your success in improving your health. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy those muffins tomorrow. Did you go without salad dressing on those big fresh salads, or did you find a creative substitute?

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