God, Mountains, and How I Met My Husband, Part Fourth

So, I’ve been telling you about My Mountain. I told you about Tom, the pilot who use to buzz over our homestead every few weeks in the summer. And how one Sunday my family drove (without me) over an hour to visit his Church. Well, that day they met a family who would turn out to be life-long friends.

The R—- were one-in-a-million kind of friends. Not only were they willing to drive over an hour each way to visit us on the homestead and get to know us, they chose to do this most often in processing days, joyfully helping support our family’s farming venture.Β  Thankfully, our activities extended beyond plucking chickens to giant family sleep overs, celebrating Thanksgiving every year, and occasionally worshiping together.

Such was the case on a sunny Sunday in September. Mrs. R—- had heard about this wonderful, family-integrated church over an hour away and called my mom about it. We decided to rendezvous with our friends to visit this Church.

How nervous I might have been if I’d known this would be the day I would meet my future husband! I was nervous plenty as it was. Did I dress right? Would I fit in? Would anyone talk to me? Would we know the songs? You know – all those typical worries when visiting a new Church.

We walked in and immediately felt at home. It was a modern building with simple furnishings and plenty of sunlight.Β  The pastor greeted us and introduced some of his 7 children, including pointing out his eldest son, on stage tuning his guitar before worship. After dutifully shaking hands I glanced shyly around, relived to find it was nearly time to find seats and begin worship. As we filed into a row in front of our friends, I pointed out to my Mom that, for once, we weren’t the only ones in filling a whole row! The sanctuary was packed with many large families excited to be fellowshipping together on the Lord’s day.

The music began, which gave me a legitimate excuse to check out the worship team. In my defense, I will proclaim that I was not boy-crazy, but when you’re 19 it’s a good idea to at least glance around occasionally for eligible young men.Β  From what we knew about this fellowship and the pastor’s family already, I figured the pastor’s son scored pretty highly on the ‘eligible scale’. But, alas, upon scanning the stage, I realized he would never do.

He was short.

Oh, it all sounds so petty now, but back then, as an insecure, gawkily-proportioned girl of 19, I had figured out that the sure way to eventually feel like I fit in would be to marry someone taller than me. Not a ridiculous request, unless, at 5ft. 9in., you’re already taller than half the guys you know.

But there was another problem. He done something to his hair. It was an unnatural shade of black. I say ‘unnatural’ because his eyebrows were strawberry blonde. Yup. Totally disqualified. Dying one’s hair unnatural colors was so tacky, especially in a guy. I was sure this was an outward sign of extreme immaturity and shallowness of character. It was nice that he was a committed member of his family and church and all, but I was going to keep my distance from this dude.

Oh, that’s right.

I kept my distance from every guy. No wonder it was 6 years before we spoke to each other for the first time…

To be continued…

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What were your first impressions of your man?

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  1. Victoria Avatar

    And on a side note–

    Your family is even stranger than mine! Maybe. Ever looked into aquaponics? How about windmills? Are you a hunting family? Read any of Frank Viola’s work? Tried square foot gardening? My parents are fascinated by these things and are willing to be considered strange if it means growth or health benefits or less reliance on government. We don’t do all of them but have talked about some and done others. πŸ˜‰
    I’m convinced if we didn’t have grandparents to look after my family would have moved to the middle of nowhere by now too. My parents talked about it.
    But instead we are doing a mini farm thing just outside of a growing city in a valley in Virginia.
    I was homeschooled as well and plan to homeschool my own one day, and we did the homechurch thing too. Though we went for Saturday as the Sabbath that God instituted at creation (and we don’t believe He changed), but after several years of that we still rest Saturday and fellowship but also joined a local “institutionalized” church too.
    Always been the oddball family. I mean, we live in a barn. And we are a family of 12. Gotta love it! I have learned a lot to say the least.

    1. Trina Avatar

      Victoria–square foot gardening–check. Hunting? check. Windmills? check (my dad installed them!) lol I like your family’s balanced approach with the mini farm. πŸ˜‰ Would love to see your barn. I’d rather this than normal, wouldn’t you? πŸ˜‰

      1. Victoria Avatar

        Well, if you’re ever in VA, I’d love to meet you! πŸ˜‰ We are always ready to make room for guests.
        And oh yes, wouldn’t have it any other way. At times I felt like something from a museum or tourist attraction, but I’ve loved the free feeling you get from it.

  2. Victoria Avatar

    Just found your blog through ylcf or …the new name I am not quite used to…where is the rest of the story?! πŸ˜‰

    1. Trina Avatar

      It’s coming! Part 5 and 6 have been written – here’s part 5…http://trinaholden.com/god-and-mountains-part-5/

  3. kateri Avatar

    So that is where that black hair dye comes in. I can totally understand how with the way we were raised that that would be a complete turnoff. πŸ™‚

    As for me, my first memory of my husband is when we were visitors at a retreat center. We sat at the same table for dinner. I was most definitely not looking for a husband at the time and if I had been, he would not have been on the list of eligible men. For one thing, there was the rather obvious age difference, for another thing he spent the entire dinner talking to the retreat center’s mechanic about car parts and fixing engines. I was so not interested. πŸ™‚

    1. Trina Avatar

      Kateri – ‘so not interested’ – hilarious! that’s how I was too. I’m so glad you ended up with Terri. What other guy would be able to install a microwave in your car? LOL

  4. Traci Avatar

    Well, you already know I hated Michael’s earrings from the start, so I feel your pain. That said, is your adverse reaction to the black the reason why Jeremy goes light now in the summer instead of dark? πŸ˜‰

    1. Trina Avatar

      Traci, I have really no say over his hair. When he dyes it it’s usually unbeknownst to me. πŸ™‚ It was his own decision to never go near the black again. πŸ™‚

  5. Sara Avatar

    I thought he was incredibly rude.
    His sister and I were roommates in college when I was 19. I used to catch rides home with her, and one day I got stuck waiting at her house for my mom to come pick me up. Nobody was home except her brother, who walked in and set his books on the table in front of me, then went to the fridge and got a snack and a drink. He never offered me any. Then, to be polite, I asked what he was majoring in. He answered “criminal justice,” between mouthfuls, and then went down to his room in the basement.

    I thought he was really, really rude and didn’t go out of my way to talk to him. I transferred and didn’t run into him again for seven years.

    When I was 26, we met up again, and it took me a few weeks to recognize his name, and then I remembered him.
    We were married within the year. And I still remind him about how rude he was to a guest in his home, especially when i want him to get me a drink. πŸ™‚

  6. Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy Avatar

    I love this story! My first impression of my husband was that he was cute, but I didn’t like the way he styled his hair, lol.

  7. Jess Avatar

    Love reading these Trina!

  8. Catherijn Avatar

    Well, we certainly didn’t have any height issues- I’m just over 5’1″ so it’d be hard to find a man shorter than me (although I have to admit, it would bother me a bit…)

    My husband and I were both 20 when we met, but I thought he was 14. He looks younger than he is (more so a few years ago) and we met leading a youth retreat for confirmations- at first I thought he was one of the kids, not one of the leaders! I felt relatively comfortable around him from the outset, which is rare for me, but it took a while for anything to happen- we were both committed to giving 100% of our attention to the kids in our groups and not to our personal lives. Everything worked out eventually, andwe’ve been married for nearly 18 months and have a three-month-old daughter… it was clear to both of us from the outset that God brought us together (too many coincidences).

    1. Trina Avatar

      yes, too many coincidences! Congrats on your squidlet πŸ™‚

  9. Lisa Avatar

    LOL! My first impression of my husband too was that he was too short! (He’s a little shorter than me.) Then I decided I didn’t like his yellow shirt. Or how he gelled his hair to stick up. Good thing God was involved!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Lisa, I love how relaying this story and hearing all the stories in the comments has me remembering just how sovereign God is in the area of relationships!

  10. Rachel Avatar

    Well, as you already read, the first time I met my husband I didn’t even realize he was talking to me… oops :). Loving reading your story, hurry up and tell us the rest! You’re killing me with these cliff hangers ;).

  11. Natasha Avatar

    Oh, Trina, I am enjoying these so much!

    Hm… my first impressions:

    I, too, thought he was short. Though not shorter than me, he was much, much shorter than my brothers who towered over six feet.

    I thought he laughed funny. (I now know that he was extremely nervous because he had been watching me for almost a year and was finally having dinner with me.)

    He was very easy to talk to.

    I was pretty sure that he wasn’t REALLY interested in me. (oh, how little we know.)

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of your story!

  12. Kristina Visser Avatar
    Kristina Visser

    Oh Trina, It is so much fun to hear this story! I don’t ever want you to stop. It is fun to hear your side of the story now after watching it all happen so may years ago!
    Keep up the good work.Your Blog is looking so nice. You have done so much to it!
    Sending a hug your way!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Thanks, Kristina! I always love it when you visit.

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