Fun photo tip

Here’s a great idea I got in my photojojo mailing this week – we’re gonna have to try this when the fam is together this weekend for Olivia’s graduation party!

The goggling stares. The stiff, tortured stances. The false grins. The symptoms are all there.

You’ve got a bad case of Group Photo.

Fear not! Dr. Jojo, photoologist, at your service. And I’ve got a patent-pending, never-fail, miracle cure that’ll have you taking happy, fun group portraits whenever you want!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Set the timer on your camera. Make it short, like ten seconds.

Step 2: Arrange everybody in your shot, making the sure the camera’s zoomed out enough so you won’t cut off anybody’s head.

Step 3: Here’s the tricky part: have everybody that’s going to be in the photo come around behind the camera.

(Except Great Aunt Lily who don’t move so good. She can stay.)

Step 4: Ready? Press the button! Now everybody has to run to get into the photo before the timer goes off. Yikes! Hurry!

Now wasn’t that fun? And we can almost guarantee you’ve got a picture of smiling people actually enjoying themselves. Maybe even injuring themselves!

Now if you can just convince them all to do it one more time…

5 responses to “Fun photo tip”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I have images of people ending up looking like a really bad game of twister with more people tripping over each other than standing and smiling, lol.

  2. Will Avatar

    I will be trying this next time we’re doing a group photo. 😀

  3. Natalie Roth Avatar

    Hmm…this sounds like fun, but I have visions of it going terribly wrong… 😀That and I’m picturing my dad the professional photographer cringing at the thought of this! :pSorry, I’m a skeptic…but I should try this sometime…when my dad’s not around! 😉

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Oh my word!!! We so have to do that!!! It sounds like a ton of fun!!!

  5. Abbey Avatar

    That would be alot of fun and I’m sure I would be smiling after that!

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