A full weekend

You have probably been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t’ been posting? Well, two reasons:
1) we’ve had a lot of thunderstorm activity this week, so we keep turning the computer off so it doesn’t get a headache from a power outage or power surge. So, I haven’t been able to just sit down and blog quickly in a spare moment
2) We attended the NYS Homeschool Conference on Friday and Saturday, which left absolutely no spare time in between traveling, packing picnics, keeping up with the house in the few moments I was home, and sleeping when we finally hit the sack at midnight too many nights in a row.

The convention was awesome – it’s always so fun to be there, seeing old friends and familiar faces, it’s like a family reunion. This year was the first time the Holden family hasn’t coordinated the event, so, even though my father-in-law was still one of the speakers, it was a very relaxing weekend. Usually Jeremy is simply a blur seen out of the corner of your eye as he sets up projectors and sound equipment and fixes emergencies and communicates with three others at once with walkie-talkies and cell phones. This time, however, we were free to stroll through the exhibit hall together, listen to sessions (together), and visit with friends and show off our little boy – together. 🙂

One of the key note speakers at this year’s convention was Lou Sterrit of Miracle Mountain Ranch. I had been privileged to see Lou’s presentations twice before, but it was a first for Jeremy. I really enjoyed being able to be at two of his sessions with my husband, gleaning from his wisdom and enjoying the amazing way he gets his points across – on the back of a horse. Jesse liked it, too!

Jeremy sitting next to his mom at one of Lou’s sessions. My sister-in-law, Joanna, sits on the bench below.
Lou on his horse “Spotlight”.

Jesse watching the horses.

I have been having so much fun with this blog – sharing my life, and connecting with old friends and new acquaintances. I have all kinds of fun posts planned for this week, including introducing another member of my awesome family, more Jesse moments, the poem for the month, and another installment of Tipi Tales. Thank you for stopping by – be sure to post a comment if you haven’t before, and introduce yourself or say hello!

You may have noticed some changes – I have adjusted the blog so that the whole page doesn’t take so long to load, for the benefit of those on dial-up. Also, I am in the process of organizing and updating my labels so that they can actually be a tool you can use to search through the archives. Now you can click on “Tipi Tales” in the sidebar and it will take you to all the posts have to do with that, or click on “Wedding Album” and see all my completed pages from previous posts! Enjoy!

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  1. Alice Avatar

    Thanks for posting pictures from the convention! I wish we could have been there! Remember last year when you were pregnant and we had just found out Emma was pregnant?

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