From the Boondocks of Missouri

Hello, friends!

Sorry I deserted you for so long. I had high hopes and definite plans for at least a farewell post, if not a special series the Lord’s put on my heart to share on this blog before leaving on vacation…but…getting ready for a 2 week road trip while fighting a headcold, then finding out that internet was limited at our campground, well, I just let the blog go. Catching my breath and remembering what it’s like to live without a demanding to-do list has been priority, as well as spending lots of family time in the lake, the pool, and the AC in the bus (when it’s working!).

We continue on our journey tomorrow, leaving Missouri and heading to another campsite in Oklahoma. From there we are attending a conference Labor Day weekend in Dallas TX, then it will be headed home in a marathon 24 hour non-stop trip as we all have to get back to work on Monday! Please pray for continued safety, sanity and working AC as we’ll be at full capacity on the way home with 10 adults and 4 children all in one bus! I look forward to reconnecting with you when we get back next month! (Meanwhile, I’ve been able to post the occasional update and photo to ATIG’s facebook page when I get cell service, so head over there if you like!)

2 responses to “From the Boondocks of Missouri”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    Sounds like it is what a vacation should be! 🙂 (minus the 24 hour drive home…)

  2. Ann Avatar

    Hi Trina! So glad you are having fun on your vacation. I will pray for your safety and for a relaxing time for all of you! I saw you and your daughters painted toenails on facebook! What fun!!

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