Friday Funnies

Overheard during the cousin’s visit last weekend…

Havalah, age 8, had heard that Claire had been born in the tub, and said tub was pointed out to her where it was being stored on the porch. She came to an astonishing conclusion and announced to her mother later that day – “Mom! Baby Claire was born in a tub outside!”

Apparently not satisfied with Jesse’s growing vocabulary (he actually said her name this visit), Esther (3), complained to her mother – “Mom- Jesse won’t talk to me!”
Brother Manuel (6) had an explanation – “That’s because they don’t teach him English!”

Claire has quite a few pet names already – many just the feminized form of names we used for Baby Jesse –
“Mamma’s little treasure-girl
But all her own is the title of “Princess”, as in, “Daddy’s little Princess”.
The other morning Daddy informed Claire that some changes would be necessary in her routine before they become habit – things like keeping Mommy awake for 3 hours at night, or making excessive amounts of dirty laundry. Mommy spoke for Claire,
“But Daddy, I’m a Princess!”
To which Daddy replied, “Yes, and I’m the King and we can’t afford servants!”

Jeremy took Jesse up to work the other evening to help with the afternoon coal delivery. When they got home, Jeremy gave me an account of their adventures…
” When we got there, mommy, there was a big truck, and Uncle Micah was driving the loader. While we were watching, a school bus drove by! Then, when we went in to see Grandpa, a fire truck went by! It was like the whole truck book in real life!

4 responses to “Friday Funnies”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    That is so funny!! It is amazing the things that kids come up with!!

  2. Traci Avatar

    Too funny! That’s the great thing about lack of sleep.. you either laugh or cry about stuff so it helps when kids are saying hilarious things too.Hang in there!

  3. Natalie Roth Avatar

    Ha-ha, I like the thing about seeing the whole truck book! 😀

  4. Abigail Avatar

    Ha-ha! I think my favorite is the teaching English one. Thanks for giving me feedback on what I wrote, I really want to know what people think, good or bad.

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