For a Big Brother and a Little Brother

More sewing – a gift for a new baby and his big brother.


I love that I now have the perfect toddler bib, and, thanks to Claire’s spittyness, I have developed what I think is the perfect infant bib! These are made from thrifted towels – so soft and thick!

BTW – Claire is doing much better! She still goes through 2 or 3 outfits a day sometimes, but the spitting is less and less frequent. What a blessing!

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2 responses to “For a Big Brother and a Little Brother”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    Someday you will hafta teach me how to make them!!!! 🙂

  2. Miki Avatar

    those look wonderful.. so soft and absorbent:)my youngest was the most spitty-up baby i’ve ever seen… oh, the stories i could tell (and bore you with;)) i remember bringing him to a very fancy wedding, and right in the middle of me burbling on and on about his perfection he spit up… volumes of spit-up. it cascaded over the shoulder of my linen dress, down the front of his baby diors and sploooshed onto the gorgeous needlepoint carpeting.oh. my.motherhood offers unparalleled opportunities for the Lord to humble us;)

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