Flowers From God

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt:

I feel the most loved when…

When a treasured friend makes a point to give me a hug when I see her each week at Church.

When my little Seth Franklin reaches his hands to my face to pet me. He’s not like other babies who want to grab your face so they can get a fistful of cheek or bite you nose. He actually seems as if he is trying to say “I love you, Mamma!” with his hands, so gentle, chubby, wet with drool…

When I’ve had a stressful afternoon…trying to do my month’s worth of grocery shopping and forgetting my wallet meaning I have to write checks without ID – never knew how hard that was – oops, make that impossible. Grocery card wouldn’t take my check without ID or my shoppers card. Not even if I ask real nice and tell the lady I just called my husband who reassured me we had plenty in checking…Look down at my cart full to the brim with my carefully planned for and carefully chosen groceries and the reality of walking away – of failing at this simple chore. Then a kind cashier reminds me that there is a branch of my bank just down the road…I sob as I struggle to navigate the suburban through unfamiliar side streets trying to find the obscure back entrance…I try to stay composed so my 4 year old doesn’t freak out, we pray and finally, withdrawal in hand we make it back to the store where I find a bouquet of spring blossoms in my cart and the store manager explaining that the lady behind me in line had purchased them for me, saying, “We all have bad days” and she wanted mine to end a little sweeter. I tried not to cry again right there in the store and on the way back to the car with Jesse I tried to explain to him that these flowers were actually from God…

I feel the most loved when I realize that He cares about me every minute, in the smallest and biggest things in my life. 

Ooops. Went totally over time there. But, boy, it felt good to get that out. I’m totally addicted to these writing prompt thingies. Goodnight, everyone!

11 responses to “Flowers From God”

  1. Jeannie Pederson Avatar

    I cried over this story, too! Thank you for sharing. =)

  2. Miss G Avatar

    I came over from Gypsy Mama. From someone who has also left her wallet at home while grocery shopping, I get it. 🙂 I too often feel that I “fail” at things but we cannot see it that way. Life happens to all of us. We live in a fallen world. Things do not always happen perfectly. What a nice, nice thing that person did in giving you those flowers. I too believe that they were flowers from God. What a sweet and precious thing it is when God uses us to be His hands and feet to others. May we always listen and act on the promptings of the Spirit. Kelly

  3. Emily T. Thomas Avatar

    OH *TEARS* how sweet…

  4. The Farmer Files Avatar

    I loved the story of the flowers!Yes, they were from God. He knew you needed them. How beautiful to have a visual reminder of God's goodness. By the way, I have forgotten my wallet more than a handful of times at the grocery store, only to realize at the check out!

  5. diana Avatar

    Oh, I LOVE this story. Boy, have I had days like that – and what a sweet gift for you. Makes me want to remember to stay in tune with the Spirit when I'm standing in grocery lines! Who know? Maybe there'll be a young mom I can cheer up in Jesus' name. Thanks for this!

  6. Nabila Grace Avatar

    How beautiful! I just had tears in my eyes! Isn't it wonderful knowing there are still good people out there! :o)

  7. Kateri Avatar

    That made me cry. I know the feeling of those days where nothing is going right, then a little bit of kindness from a stranger or a catching a bit of beauty somewhere reminds you that God does indeed love you and he is in control.

  8. Traci Avatar

    Awww… that's so sweet.

  9. Belle Avatar

    Beautiful post!

  10. eli Avatar

    I'm so glad you shared this!

  11. Mamita J Avatar

    Hi. I just popped in from Gypsy Mama. I was cryin' with you in your story…some days are just like that. And then, the flowers! You are totally right. Flowers from God. Very cool!


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