Flipping Pages or Flipping Out

This week me and my day-timer have become close friends. I have done all but sleep with her. I am in the midst of starting my lia sophia business – booking parties (5 on the calender for the next month!) and planning to attend workshops, etc. Then it is the time of year that folks like to get out and dance – we have two invitations to call dances – one is our semi-annual dance we do in the Guilford area, another a costumed civil war ball (huzzah!) Add to that Bible Study, chiropractic appointments, and spending time with family and friends – we’re having a busy spring! Every phonecall sends me reaching for my day-timer and frantically flipping through to see if I still have that date open. This is my first time using anything but a wall calender for planning my activities. The $4, 5x7in. cheapo planner I got at WalMart is not going to last very long either, I think. I’m looking for suggestions for day planners. I am a list person, so I need a lot of space to write down the day’s tasks, but also a good one-view page of each month, or even 3 months at a time, so I don’t have to be flipping around or flipping out so much. Any body got any suggestions?

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  1. Trina Avatar

    Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! I knew my readers would help me out with this!

    Christine, Franklin Covey sounded familiar to me – then I realized it was the brand lia sophia actually reccomends – how cool is that? I would love to see the planners you have – thanks!

    Corrie, Jeremy has an old blackberry type thing I have seriously thought about putting into use – I’ll have to dig that out and see…

    thanks again, everyone!

  2. Christine Avatar

    Hi Trina! Great to see you this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a few extra Franklin Covey planners that a friend gave to me – they’re high quality and I’m not using them so you are welcome to your choice! I’ll bring them with me when I visit in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Traci Avatar

    I have a really nice planner that I bought at B&N. I like it because it has a durable hard cover, elastic band to close it, 2 ribbon bookmarks (one for the month view and one for the day view) and is black with a beautiful jeweled scrolling pattern on it. It's probably not quite big enough for you though. (I wanted a small one so that I could carry it in my littlest of purses if I wanted to, so mine's slightly larger than a checkbook)

    It's made by paperblanks though so I'm sure they have bigger sizes. And I like the fact that the address book section is removable so that I can put it in next year's planner.

    Good luck in your search for your new “best friend”, lol.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I use a day planner by Blue Sky.
    I have used both the smaller 5×7 and the 8 x 11.
    Go to officedepot.com search blue sky day planner.
    Cool designs, too.

    Aunt Anny

  5. CVO Avatar

    you need a BlackBerry!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Whitney Avatar

    I got a BusyBodyBook and it’s been the only one that works for me. It gives you a week at a time, with many columns for each day. That’s all one on page. The other page is for all lists – which I like. I found it on amazon.

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