Tour of My First Kitchen

The top of the fridge is a favorite spot – when I have kept it tidy. It holds a lovely blue antique bowl from my Grandma, my wooden salad bowls, and a set of oil and vinegar. The artwork on the fridge is by Anneke. ๐Ÿ™‚

Continuing to the right, my sink with its lovely window and view of the lake (if you lean left) and its new curtain.

And my stove and the rest of the cupboards. The dark blue enamal salt, sugar, and coffee tins are a favorite wedding present – so thoughtful and a perfect match for my decor.

A handy tip – on the inside of one of my cupboard doors, right at eye level, I’ve tacked some of my most frequently used recipes.
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3 responses to “Tour of My First Kitchen”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Hey it looks great Trina!Mom has put some our recipes on the cupboard doors too!

  2. Natalie_S Avatar

    That would be a wonderful tip if I ever bothered to use recipes ๐Ÿ˜€ Actually……..that would be a good place to keep my desert recipes. Thanks.

    By the way, curiousity wants to know what recipes you have tucked away on your cabinet door.

  3. Will Avatar

    I really like the blue cabinet doors.

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