First Day of Fall

Isn’t it exciting!? I love fall! It’s a lovely time of year to get married – having that refreshingly crisp air to enjoy as you run errands, and autumn’s glorious colors – bright blue skies, fall leaves, and the last of the year’s vibrant greens – providing a perfect background for all those photos…

Pardon me, I just got home from running errands and being exhilarated by the sunshine and cool air. I am feeling like I’m on the mend today, thanks to resting alllll day yesterday, so that makes me cheerful, too.

Just wanted to get on to let you know that Olivia’s promised post will have to be postponed a few days as she has gone to spend a few days with a friend who only has dial up. She promises to write and post more pictures as soon as she is able.

Meanwhile, I will be posting photos of Jesse’s birthday, as well as the results of Jeremy’s first engagement photo shoot on the blog this week, so, stick around!

In the studio this week I will be completing the alterations on the last bridesmaid dress, and putting together the little jacket to go with my gown. In the kitchen I plan on cooking up a pile of freezer meals for the coming days when the wedding will have us all to busy to think about meal planning or cooking. In my spare time (HA!) I have some little cleaning and organizing that is whispering that it wants doing before the baby comes. No, it’s not too early to begin nesting! I’m starting the urge, but we’ll see just how much I have time for before the wedding!

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  1. CVO Avatar

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