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Got you with that title, didn’t I? Just wanted to refer you to a great blog I just found – it’s Christa Taylor’s other blog, and goes deeper into what drives her great fashion blog. At Empowered Traditionalist, you’ll find posts on the topics of Inner Beauty, Femininity, Homemaking, as well as her always-inspiring Fashion tips.

What’s with the title though? Who is an Empowered Traditionalist?

An ET strives to break the lie that states that to be modest you must compromise beauty and attractiveness.
An ET is attractive in all the right ways.
An ET has clothes that fit her personality and her body type
An ET loves to surprise people with her style
An ET sets the trend in modest style yet without succumbing to the pressures to buy apparel that compromises your convictions.
Read more at this post.

I was reading through the archives and found this great post which cinched for me the decision to pass on a referral to this great blog to you all…

Over dinner my Dad and I were talking about young men, and possible “turn-offs” in a young woman (namely myself). Because I am so constantly immersed in the fashion biz and environment I tend to dress in a more avante-garde manner. My father admonished me-
“Dressed super stylishly, you can send the wrong message. You want a guy attracted to your heart, so you dress yourself with good works. I don’t want guys attracted to my daughter for her figure.” After pointing out several items that he thought were pushing the envelope, I left nursing my pride. Later, of course, I found myself humbly grateful for his protecting intervention and told him so.

You do not want the men around you to be turned off by your “worldy” appearance. If the first thing he notices is your incredibly stylish outfit, something is wrong. You are speaking louder with your wardrobe than your own mouth and actions.

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  1. Kelly VK Avatar
    Kelly VK

    How true. What a great reminder, Trina!

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