"Our Family Works" film series, featuring…Us!!!

I figured it was about time I told you about Jesse’s favorite movie. We got a copy last fall, and I’m finally getting around to posting a link for you!

The filming for “Our Family Works” was done two years ago, the summer I was pregnant with Claire and helping plan my sister-in-law’s wedding. In fact, the film crew was following my in-laws around the family business the day before the wedding – which is why Joanna has a lovely french manicure as she totals the cash box, and I’m not in any of the footage ’cause I was busy making corsages back at my house. ☺

This is Jesse’s favorite movie ’cause his grandpa is in almost every scene. As far as other viewers are concerned, it’s a really well done documentary about family businesses, and if your husband or dad is an entrepreneur, they could certainly glean from this film.

I thought you all might enjoy the glimpse it gives into our family business, and why Jesse said to me the other day,

“When me get big, me want to work in the coal business in Ovid!”

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