Family Valentines

So, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you think that because you don’t have a sweetheart, this day isn’t for you? Not so! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell those around you that you love them, especially family members.

In our house (I mean, of course, the house I grew up in), with Anja’s birthday on the 14th, Valentine’s Day became a bona fide holiday, with decorations, secrets, and special foods – right up there with Christmas, minus the evergreen boughs!

On Valentine’s morning we would come to the table with our handfuls of homemade Valentines and place them around on everybody’s chairs. Then you sat down to read your pile of valentines – all from family members – perhaps still damp with Elmer’s glue, and munched on conversation hearts even before you ate breakfast!

This year, because we thought some of us were going to be gone to Michigan on Thursday, we celebrated Anja’s birthday and Valentine’s Day early at my parent’s house on Monday night. I will share pictures of our party tomorrow, in honor of Anja. ๐Ÿ™‚

Meanwhile, I thought I would share some of my own preparations while you still have time to be inspired to make something at your house!

These heart garlands were really simple – just take various shades of pink and red paper, fold in half and cut a wide variety of heart shapes. Then put some pink thread on your sewing machine and sew them end to end. Clip the threads at the bottom of the garland, but keep the ones up top long, so you can use them to tie the garland up – in a window, over a table, or wherever.

I slipped a garland into an envelope for each of my sisters and my mom, and wrote my valentine messages with a red pen on the biggest hearts in the chain.
Don’t miss the opportunity to bless you family with love notes tomorrow – remember, you don’t have to have a sweetheart to send a valentine!
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  1. MEAJASO Avatar

    I love Valentines Day! It is one of my most favorite days of the year…and we often extend the holiday to the day after, or for this year until Saturday! I don't think you need a guy either, it is just such a good time to let your family and friends how much they mean to you. This year I've been busy so I haven't had a lot of time, but I was able to make some calls, and send some text messages! And then on Saturday I'm throwing a party for my family…I am so excited about my menu and all the good things I'm going to make. And, tomorrow I'm going to make Valentines…
    Did I mention that I love Valentines Day?

    I think this has probably come because my mother has always made Valentines Day a special one for all of us. And if you know us, we love any reason to throw a party and have a good time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Olivia Joy Avatar
    Olivia Joy

    I give valentines to all my brothers as well as my sister's, it's not weird. It's a fun way to show your family how much you appreciate them.

  3. MadeForHisGlory Avatar

    Well…I haven't been one for Valentine's Day, but…I do enjoy it…it brings back so many memories. My mom has almost always made some kind of goodie in a heart shape, my fav. is definitly a sugar cookie in a heat shape with frosting! YUMO! So…in honor of that, I actually just got finished making my own heart shaped brownies(home-made of course) for a close girl-friend and my favorite teacher at school. I am so excited to give joy to someone else that just thinking about it makes me burst! It's so fun to help others have a joy filled day even though you may or may not have a boyfriend.
    Thanks for the encouraging post!

  4. Will Avatar

    I would agree that you don't need a guy for it to be fun day for girls….Since I am a guy though, it just would be slightly strange to me to give valentines to my sisters and really really strange if I gave one to Nick… :p

  5. Anja Avatar

    I agree who says you need a guy to have a great day. I believe it is a great day to show all those around you how much you really appreciate and love them. And well I have yet to find a valentine better then my dear sis Liv.

  6. Aunt Marilyn Avatar
    Aunt Marilyn

    What a fun idea, although i won't have time for it before tomorrow… We always have given our children valentine cards and a special gift on Valentine's Day. When they were young, they were fun, childish treats, now they get something CHOCOLATE for sure, and something else to let them know they are special to us! We ALL get some chocolate, actually.

  7. Olivia Joy Avatar
    Olivia Joy

    Hahaha, Abigail!!! "Red faced guys buying flowers and balloons!"
    That made me laugh really hard!

    I feel bad for all of you "Valentines day scrooge's" It is a wonderful day!!!
    Since neither Anja or I have guys (Other then "closet boyfriends…hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ We are each others valentine. Who says you need a guy to have a great day?

  8. NatalieS Avatar

    I always liked Valentine's Day, and my family always celebrated it in little ways. Since I've gotten married though, it's started sneaking up on me =/ I suppose I could say something mushy like "with Allen everyday is Valentine's Day," but the honest truth is that right now I'm far better at spur of the moment occasions (extra nice dinners on ordinary weekdays and such) than planned ones. However, your hearts, Trina, are inspiring. I'll have to file that one away for later.

  9. abigail Avatar

    I like Valentine's day just because it's so fun too see all the red-faced guys buying flowers and balloons :p

  10. Will Avatar

    I am of the same opinion as Natalie, you could probably call me a "Valentine's Scrooge" as well. :p When I am married that certainly will change but right now Valentine's day is not something I really celebrate…

  11. abigail van buren Avatar
    abigail van buren

    Thanks for the idea! Anna and I just made a bunch of hearts, but I haven't sewn them together yet. There will be a heart garland one for each memeber of the family. Then everyone will pick a heart to write on for that person, so each person will have their own string of valentines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Trina Avatar

    hear, hear, Aunt B.! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Aunt B Avatar
    Aunt B

    We have always celebrated Valentine's Day in our home. Lots of times the meal would be ordinary but we would make it special with the lights low and candles flickering. Corrie and Ryan always seemed to think it was a treat. It actually takes very little to bring pleasure to children–as long as they have your undivided attention. And I would bake a treat– something in the heart shape–whether cookies or brownies. We would share our love with each other with little gifts and cards–sometimes homemade, sometimes not–whatever we chose. As Corrie and Ryan got older sometimes we gave a favorite music CD or piece of jewelry–something they didn't buy for themselves. One year, about 15 years or so ago, I found a package of teeny tiny shiny red hearts and used them every where in decorating our home. Through the years, on occasion, these teeny tiny hearts still randomly appear somewhere and I will smile. I have found them in cupboards and corners here and there. In fact, one showed up a few weeks ago when I opened a box in my sewing room. I think Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to pause, in whatever fashion and simply or elaborately express our love to our loved ones in our life.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day,
    Aunt Beverly

  14. Natalie Roth Avatar
    Natalie Roth

    Oof…I hope that didn't come across as bitter and sarcastic! Because that's really not how I was trying to sound! Sheesh… ๐Ÿ™

    Oh and the chocolate is always good…nice dark chocolate Valentine's candy…hmm…maybe I like Valentine's Day more than I thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  15. Natalie Roth Avatar
    Natalie Roth

    Oh, I like that garland!

    I don't hate Valentine's Day, but I don't usually do anything for Valentine's Day…possibly I take it too seriously. Too seriously as in I don't give Valentines to friends, because I don't have any guy to give a valentine to, and giving girls valentines seems pointless.

    Maybe I'm just a Valentine's Scrooge! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I'm babysitting tomorrow, and I think I will make some heart-shaped cookies to take to the kids.

    I guess my opinion is that it's not a "real" holiday anyway, so why celebrate it unless you have a good reason to…which I don't at this point in my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course you have a reason to celebrate because it's Anja's birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. AM Avatar

    Bah! I boycott Valentines Day and would even wear black on the day but I don't look good in black.

    It's not the typical colors that I object to, it's the hearts! Ick! Who in the world ever thought of hearts as romantic?!! Now, if they (whoever they may be) had chosen CIRCLES as the great symbol for Valentines, nobody but nobody would stop me from celebrating!

    With it all being hearts this and hearts that, there is no hope. *wrings hands in despair*

    The only, ONLY thing to celebrate at Valentines is the chocolate sales! Oh, the .chocolate. sales!

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