Exciting New Stuff for Moms Like Me

I’m confessing to a case of bloginsomnia – can’t sleep due to thinking about all the wonderful things I would write about on the blog IF I could find the time. Sleeplessness may also be due to the beautiful, starry-eyed children who wake me up each time I finally drop off again. By the time I help Claire go potty, nurse Seth, change Jesse’s sheets, there’s not much left of my night…

Anyway, that’s why I’m online at such a ridiculous hour. And the reason I’m blogging is because I found some neat stuff in my twitter feed (learning to use this cool tool, though still feeling slightly lost). Thought I’d be sweet and pass it on to you, then go try for an hour of sleep before the alarm.

The Better Mom is doing a massive giveaway to promote their blog launch. Jewelry with an awesome story behind it, Vera Bradley, The new book by Angie Smith (Wife of Todd Smith? Selah? Ring a bell?). Now I’m sleepless AND drooling – about the giveaway, but also what promises to be a really great blog!

Michelle at So I Married A Mennonite (I just love her blog title – so random!) is following Sarah Mae’s advice and turning her passion/expertise into an eWorkbook – about being an organized blogger! Wow – do I ever need that! I like to think I’m organized, but bloginsomnia is undeniable proof that I need this book. Undeniable.

Going to bed now. Yawn.

2 responses to “Exciting New Stuff for Moms Like Me”

  1. Sarah Tressia Avatar

    Thanks for sharing about the give-away! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  2. Ann Avatar

    Trina, I am right there with you! Up at 5 this morning with a blog post that wouldn't quit my head. So much to write about and so little time to actually get it down on paper, er, keypad…I hope you got some rest and have a great day!

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