Here’s a handy list of all the links and resources I mention in the my book, Embracing Beauty!


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The Woven Noose

The Collar Tie

The Glam (Sock) Bun

Hair Stick Bun

Pinterest Boards

Tunic Style
The Art of the Scarf
Belted Beauty
Eye Beauty

Quotes and Contributors

LisaJo Baker
Amanda Medlin
Ginger Truitt
Christa Taylor
Rachel O’Neill
Rachel Hurd
Beth Ricci
Claire Printz
Natasha Metzler


Eat Fat Lose Fat by Mary Enig
Real {Fast} Food by Trina Holden
The No Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley Morgan
Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads
Bravado Designs Essential Nursing bra camisole
Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit: A Son Remembers by Sean Hepburn Ferrer


Fit2B Studio

Anxiety Series

My Anxiety Disorder: Vice of Fear
My Anxiety Disorder: Glimpse of Hope
My Anxiety Disorder: How Bad Was It? And Have You Got One, Too?
My Anxiety Disorder: The Physical Fix – Are Drugs the Answer?
My Anxiety Disorder: The Mental Fix – Quick and Easy?
My Anxiety Disorder: The Spiritual Fix – New Perspective, Please!
My Anxiety Disorder: How I am I doing now?

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