Embracing Beauty Link-Up {1st Edition!}

Embracing Beauty Link-Up

Today’s the day! In an effort to build community around our mutual goal of  embracing beauty, this week I’m hosting the very first ever Embracing Beauty Link Up.

{Don’t know what a link up is? It’s where I provide a little space for you all to share links to your blog posts on a certain subject, so we can easily go around and visit each other to be inspired and encouraged!}

This may be a monthly thing, or bi-monthly, or whenever-I-feel-like-it-’cause-I’m-that-kinda-spontaneous thing, we’re just gonna see how it goes. Starting today, we’re gonna share ways we’ve been embracing beauty, such as…

  • thrift store finds, upcycles, or thrifted outfits
  • newly sorted or  organized closets
  • new hair style or make-up you tried
  • tutorial for some sort of adornment you created
  • Thoughts on true beauty or personal style
  • your favorite outfit of the week

…or whatever fits in the category of embracing beauty in the area of personal adornment. We want to collect, create, and celebrate beauty to fully partake in the joy God intended for us in this area. Let’s get started!

Here’s the rules:

  1. Link up to your specific blog post (not just your blog home page)
  2. Link up to adornment-related posts, only. That recipe you created or home-decor project you made is awesome sauce, but this linky is for beauty in the area of personal style only–thanks!
  3. Link back to me in your post, so your readers can find this community of women embracing beauty!
  4. Visit as least one other linkee (person who links up!) and leave a comment to help them celebrate.

Are you ready? I’ll go first.


Remember that cardigan I got on my last trip to the thrift store and worried it was a bit outside my color scheme? I’ve found it’s hard to go wrong with a cardigan. I wore it every day for a week straight–it’s perfect for spring. And it goes with my favorite stripped spring blouse. Too fun.


I went to my happy place again last Wednesday.


…and brought kids. And friends. It was rather epic. I read stories to the kids while my girlfriend tried on clothes and then we switched places. It is way more fun to shop with friends because they can give you helpful opinions.


Here was my haul. Look at all those dresses for Claire!!! I’ve decided that her ‘core outfit’ for summer will be sleeveless sundresses with little shorts underneath. (Check out my book if you wanna learn more about how fun and fast getting dressed can be when you use the core outfit strategy!) On the left I have a collection of maternity shorts, a comfy maternity nightdress, and in the middle two great layering pieces. I can’t wait to show you the outfits I’ve made with that grey hoody–too much fun!

Ok, now it’s your turn! Share your link (it can be anything from the recent past on your blog, or something you come up with in the following week!) and be sure to link back to this post {perhaps by next time we’ll have a handy-dandy matching button for ya’ll to use. But I totally need to go make dinner now, ahem.) I can’t wait to come see what you all have been up to!


4 responses to “Embracing Beauty Link-Up {1st Edition!}”

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  2. Mary Avatar

    So exciting to see your dreams coming true Trina with your newest e-book!! I love this link-up and look forward to participating when Miss Courtney is doing better. Blessings and Grace to you and those you love.

  3. christie elkins Avatar

    Yay! Excited to be a part of your first “Embracing Beauty” link up! Great finds, by the way 🙂

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