Embracing Beauty Book Tour!

My book and I are visiting friends all over the web in the next month. I want to make sure you know you’re invited to each one of these little parties, so I’ll be doing a regular post gathering each week’s host blogs in one place for ya’ll.

These kind friends have reviewed my book or hosted me on their blog this week. Click through if you want to glean excerpts from the book, hear me wax eloquent about favorite sections, or answer all manner of fun questions in an interview!

“4 Steps to Defining Your Personal Style” on Adornabelle 

{this is the new, beautiful, sister-site to Kindred Grace–your source for natural beauty tips and affordable, classic fashion inspiration!}

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Review by Lizzie on LizzieBranch.com

Embracing Beauty is a powerful reminder that while worldly beauty is only skin deep, true beauty that resides within each of us, can be shaped and cultivated throughout every season of life.”

Review by Jessica White at LifeInTheWhiteHouse.com

“The thing I really enjoyed about Trina’s book was that it wasn’t just a fashion how-to; it was also about the ‘why’. I think the ‘why’ always can make a huge difference. Clothes don’t have to just be about covering your body, or a way to make a statement, but a way in which we can glorify God and show beauty to those around us.”

Review by Claire Printz of LemonJellyCake.com

“‘God created me with a little extra helping of the love of beauty.’ These words from Embracing Beauty resonated with me. I think I might have actually nodded when I read them . . . I definitely smiled. Whether it is a pretty pink dress or my mother’s teacups or a glorious sunset, you’d better believe I am drawn to it.”

Review by Rachel Hurd on FashionGoneThrifty.blogspot.com

“…it’s not just a book for moms, and that’s what really appeals to me. Her chapter on beauty (‘Expressing God’s Glory’) is absolutely fantastic and struck a deep chord with me. Because, let’s face it ladies: we all struggle with being satisfied with (and showing God’s glory through) our bodies.”

Review by Kris Camealy at AlwaysAlleluia.com

Whatever season you’re in, Trina offers helpful and encouraging insight into embracing your personal style, and all to the glory of God. Her humor and candor make this book an enjoyable, must-read for all women. PS: After reading this book I went straight to the thrift store in search of a good tunic. Sadly, I struck out. What on earth am I talking about? Read the book.

Interview with Gretchen at GretchenLouise.com

“Trina’s passion for beauty and fashion has finally spilled out into a book — and it’s one I’m so very excited about! She speaks right to where I’m at as a momstruggling to find something to wear on Sunday morning, while trying to raise my daughters to understand true beauty. ”


{Gretchen’s questions were a blast to answer–I now officially love doing interviews!}

Kalyn on Words With Books

“The author isn’t a self-proclaimed fashion blogger, but I think that adds to the charm and validity of the book. It means any mom can create a personal style that works for her, and she doesn’t have to be a fashion expert!”

Called to Be Ambassadors of Beauty, a guest post on KindredGrace.com

In which I answer the question “Is the pursuit of beauty worthy of our time?”

 Loretta at DancingontheDash

“I’m well past the ‘New Mom’ stage…I’m quite the ‘old’ Mom now but this is some sound and sweet advice for any woman at any stage of life who’s striving to break free of the stronghold of ‘pretty’ and is ready to embrace and relax into the beautiful woman she truly is in the eyes of the Lord.”

A Guest post on Jennifer Kindle’s site, KindleCrew.com

“Four Tips for Keeping Busy from Stealing Your Style”


That’s it for this week! (P.S. if you do a post about the book, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the list!) Have a beauty-filled weekend, dahling!


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  1. Omily Avatar

    Thanks for all the links!
    I love it when you go all southern and the ‘dahling’ was just to awesome 😉

    1. Trina Avatar

      you’re so welcome, dahling. (it is interesting to note that I only use my drawl on my blog, or if I am in a southern state. Not sure if this is a right or wrong use of an accent? lol)

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