Do You Blog?

…If so, you may enjoy my post today over at Allume (used to be Relevant). I’m talking about partiality

“I’m the chief of sinners in this area. I inventory outward appearances and rank a person’s worth faster than you can type your favorite password. Whether online or in real life, I am quick to don the gown and wig of a judge and sentence people with my indifference if they don’t meet my standard.

But James says that judging, or partiality, is a SIN, just like murder and adultery.


Guess we’d better deal with this.”

Head on over to read how I’m rooting out partiality in my heart, and don’t miss the great discussions going on in the comments…{Smaller Bloggers} Are We Partial to Partiality?


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  1. Rachel Avatar

    I really enjoyed your post, Trina! I appreciate that you call sin what it is: sin. I don’t know about you, but I am an expert at justifying myself by coming up with clever alternate titles for my sin. Thank you for sharing!

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