Dispelling the Pedestal

It has come to my attention that some of my dear readers may be a little too impressed by the life I live as portrayed on my blog. Lest anyone think my life is absolutely idyllic and blog-worthy every day, I thought to take some pics for you all of things I never before thought to put on the blog.

My life is just as normal as yours, with just as many menial tasks and unchecked-off items on the to-do list. I, too, have way-too-few spare moments in my day. I have just as many dreams and desires that may go unfulfilled in the rush of everyday life. I, too, long to create and make things beautiful on a daily basis, but struggle to find the time. In some ways this blog has helped meet that need, as it takes only a minute to post whatever it is that has brightened my day, and share it with you. I love arranging the photos just so, and doing a small bit of creative writing occasionally, and it only makes it that much more enjoyable to hear from you that it has brightened your day as well. But I never want to make someone feel overwhelmed and unaccomplished when they see the glimpses I give into my life. So, here is the proof that I do not live on a pedestal!

First is my bedroom – not as it looked for 5 min. before I cleaned it up this morning, but as it has looked allllll week! Next, my kitchen – as it looked alllll day yesterday while I ran errands – leftover pancake batter and strawberry sauce slowly drying to a hard crust and ants having a feast. I didn’t get the dishes done until just before bed last night. And, just in case you were curious – my fridge. On one of the blogs I read last week, a lady posted a picture of her fridge as part of a meme – the rules were you could not clean it first. I thought – “Oh, I would never put that on my blog!” Well, guess what – I just did. There – now don’t we all feel better?

If this honest and from-my-heart post has meant something to you, I really would love to hear from you! Especially from those of you that are in the same place I am in – constantly digging myself out of mountains of laundry to kiss little smudged faces and set the table once again for dinner. I know us mothers barely have time to keep up with e-mail and a few blogs, but it is for you that I blog a lot of the time, sharing my favorite recipes, ideas for around the house, or fun activities to do with young children. Leave me a brief comment – I would LOVE to hear from you. How many little treasures do you have at your house? What’s your favorite thing about this blog? What do we have in common? Just click on the word “comment” at the end of this post, and a little window will pop up in which you can type a few words – it’s real easy! Can’t wait to hear from you…

Now, I am off to do dishes again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Caryn Gilbert Avatar

    Thanks Trina! You are so sweet and make me feel better about life’s “reality”. I am really trying to focus my energy on my three children right now more than my home, and I appreciate the encouragement of a kindred spirit. You are a great sister in Christ!

  2. Amy Avatar

    I had to laugh at the ‘digging myself out of mountains of laundry’ part. I’m on laundry duty today at our house, and there’s a Mount Everest of dirty laundry, clean laundry, and laundry that needs to be ironed – and it’s all waiting for ME! I love hearing from you and the girls! Your creative approaches to life are so fresh and fun. I am absolutely <>dying<> to meet you and your family! ๐Ÿ™‚ And you are amazing – you take time out of almost every busy day to post something on the blog, which I, a student and stay-at-home daughter, can’t even manage!Lots of love,Amy

  3. Serena Avatar

    Well, my husband is washing the dishes that I’ve been too tired to do myself for the PAST THREE DAYS, so I have time to comment. (Tired laugh.) This was a wonderful and encouraging post. Thank you! And I agree with Natalie–I greatly admire your and your sister’s energy. You remind me of my mom, actually, which is a wonderful thing! Oh, and I just have one running around right now, another

  4. Trina Avatar

    thanks everyone for your lovely comments! It’s sooo nice to get feedback – I am so blessed to hear that you enjoy the time we spend together as much as I do! Welcome Kira! Oh, and I am certainly glad that the blog is inspiring or interesting to people in different seasons. I guess that’s what the blog is about – celebrating the season we are in. I’m so glad you all stopped by. Kateri, it is so neat to connect with you after all these years! You should get a blog so I can come ‘visit’ you!Sarah, at our house we use a dutch word to alert people to the need to do a quick clean-up before guests pop in – “It’s time to BLITZ!!!” someone will yell, and it is very similar to the crazy card game by the same name!Just wait till you see what the crazy project was this week that kept me from keeping my house as tidy as I like…it’s really crazy, I’m warning you…

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I enjoyed this blog a lot. Like everyone else I give my house a thorough cleaning (or sometimes shove the clutter into the unused bedroom and lock the door!). My house is never as clean as I would like it to be on a daily basis and sometime it is just a total mess–and I don’t even have children yet! I love your blog because your love of homemaking, femininity, and beautiful things shines throughout it. There is a lot to inspire a wife and homemaker who works full time and has no children. Kateri

  6. Traci Avatar

    Whoops. You said brief comment. Not sure brief translate in Traci-language.

  7. Traci Avatar

    Hi Trina! What a glorious day to pop by your blog! I can honestly say that we have matching bedrooms right now, lol.I appreciate your honesty and I think that you’re right, it is important to show struggles and real-life moments as well as the inspirational ones.. especially when trying to be a true example of the wonderful real life of young wife and mom. Too often bloggers wow their readers with the beauty in their lives so much that they themselves come to feel that the readers only want to see the beauty. Some times the ugly is just as beautiful, especially when it’s being lived in by a warm and loving family. As a side note, what always makes me feel so at home at your mother’s house (besides the awesome company of course) is the way that she, as a hostess, always seems so satisfied and blessed by what is in it and it’s value instead of worrying about what it might be lacking or how it appears. Because of where her heart lies, her home feels more elegant and welcoming than any immaculate mansion. She doesn’t radiate an air of perfection but she does radiate an air of satisfaction with what she’s been blessed with in life.. That contentment with reality is something that we could all use a dose of.I feel like I should hug you for your honesty! (are you coming tomorrow?)

  8. Kira Avatar

    Trina,I just really like reading the blogs of people I actually know. Especially people I only kind of know and see every few months. Thanks for this post! I actually tend to put EVERYONE on a pedastal as far as their houses go…my housekeeping ability while I’ve been working full time has been one of my insecurities. But don’t we all secretly do that last-minute freak-out cleaning when we know people are coming over?Thanks for reminding us that we all are only human!

  9. Kinsleys5 Avatar

    I like the picture of things “growing” out of your fridge. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a way to garden!

  10. RahrahT Avatar

    HaaHaa! I just had a friend over last week and My room was clean for the first time in months, so she thought I was a really tidy person. (Hey, am I the only one that ALWAYS has fifty projects going at once?!?) Anywhoo, I didn’t show her my bathroom ๐Ÿ™Thanks for showing us your “normal” side. I was reminded of the Proverbs 14:4 about the empty yet sparkling clean ox stalls. If your hands are busy, things should get messy ๐Ÿ™‚Soo…off to scrub the shower!

  11. Natalie_S Avatar

    oops! That should read “only pedestal”

  12. Natalie_S Avatar

    Trina, the whole pedestal I may have put you and your sisters on is the one of thinking that you girls have guts. From making your own bias binding to roofing to gutting chickens to cooking and dancing (and being marvelously feminine the entire time) I haven’t found much that slows you ladies down. And that has been tremendously inspiring to me. Also, just a tiny plea from stay at home wife land. It seems like we’re the awkward middle child of Christian culture -more devoted to home than work but without the children to “justify” our desire of being home centered. Just don’t forget that there are some of us out there who can appreciate and learn from your blogs without being quite where you are. <3

  13. Olivia Joy Avatar

    LOL!!! Treen you are so funny !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Rebecca Avatar

    GREAT post Trina!

  15. Stephanie Avatar

    Thanks for this posting!!I know it must have been hard to share that other side of life with us but it was truely appretiated.I have been feeling a little overwhelmed looking at your blog.With working full time I have little time for the fun things that you share on your blog.Don’t get me wrong though I really love your ideas and many times I wish that we lived closer so that you could share some of your wealth of creativity with me but I do get some of it through your blog.So Thanks for blogging!!

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