Jeremy got so many great pictures of the dance recital last night, I built another slide show so I could share all our favorites with you! We were so proud of all our sisters and our brother as they did excellent in all their dances. Also, there was a special guest appearance by the girls’ Irish dance teacher, an original member of River Dance! It was an amazing evening!

We have another dance-related event tonight – the annual square dance we call at the B’s farm! I can hardly wait. I love dancing…

4 responses to “DANCE!!!”

  1. Abigail Avatar

    You girls did awesome!

  2. Julia Marie Avatar

    I LOVE those red flapper dresses! SO cool! (The guys’ outfits are really cute!)

  3. Laney Avatar

    Totally awesome guys! Wish we could have been there!!! <3laney

  4. Olivia Joy Avatar

    HOORAY FOR DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And actually when were in the funny costumes it’s actually my tap dance….

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