Cure for Cabin Fever

Oh, look – they all start with “C’s”! Cool.

Citrus Though you can get them all year round in most stores, oranges and other citrus are in season now. This means good prices and the best flavor. Grab a bag of oranges or a couple grapefruit next time you’re out, and start your day with one! Jesse and I shared two today.

Correspondence I think one of the causes of cabin fever is focusing too much on ourselves. An anecdote to that is reaching out to others. I sat on the couch this morning during Jesse’s nap and wrote two notes to friends I don’t see often, especially in winter. It was so fun to think how a handwritten note would brighten their day, mine was brightened by the very act! In one I even tucked a little scrap of vintage fabric I found at a thrift store – it’s recipient is a quilter and I knew she would love it.

Chopin Even if you don’t usually prefer classical music, you may enjoy the piece I listened to today. Chopin’s Piano Concerto #1 was lively and warm, though not overpowering. He wrote it and played it for his girlfriend before he the night before he moved out of town. The soloist who played it in the piece I listened to said it was “music that makes you feel loved.” I had to agree. You can watch and hear the actual performance I listened to on youtube, or just tune your radio to the local classical station for a change and let your ears be pampered.

Chilly Chores (if this were Scategories, I’d be getting double points, there, folks) It’s hard enough to get in good exercise even when the temperatures are moderate, let alone below freezing with a wind-chill! But we should try to get out anyway. I made three trips to the dumpster, two to the mailbox, and it was invigorating! It also made me all the more thankful for our warm, cozy house when I got back inside.

Chai Browsing a blog I came across a recipe for chia tea. I don’t drink caffeine, but I decided it was worth experimenting making it without the black tea and see if it’s still good. Now, I’m not a chia connoisseur, but I thought it was pretty yummy! Especially with lots of fresh, whole cow’s milk from the local dairy. I’m not going to recommend a specific recipe to you, ’cause mine is still in the experimental stage, but here’s where I went for ideas.

Cranford Any fan of the Jane Austin movies will love this film based on several books by her near contemporary, Elizabeth Gaskill (she also wrote “Wives and Daughters” and “North and South”) The BBC did a great job with “Cranford” and it has brightened my whole week as I have carved out little moments to watch an episode or two. It’s not available for sale yet in the US, but you can watch it on YouTube, as I have been. The episode with the cat and the lace was hilarious!

And if that isn’t enough to cure your winter blues, I also recommend cooking a new recipe, crocheting, cleaning, and calisthenics, all of which I tried this week, with good success! Also, keep an eye on this blog, as the Wordless Weekend hopes to cheer you up!

Do you have a cure for cabin fever? Share it with us in a comment (those always brighten our day)! Or make a list on your own blog (it doesn’t have to all start with one letter – this was just coincidence!), and we’ll link to it! Have a lovely, cozy day!

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  1. Audrey Avatar

    Trina, Just this weekend I read in this month's issue of Country Home, "a thoughtful handwritten note is a sweet way to make someone's day". That fits right in with the Correspondence activity. Log on to and search for "The Art of the Handwritten Note" as a resource book. Aunt Audrey

  2. Mom Avatar

    Oops! I forgot a most important "remedy" for our Cabin Fever–reading chapter books to the children while they sip their hot chocolate.

    Charlotte's Web, Caddie Woodlawn, The Call of the wild, The Very Hungry Caterpillar – the list is endless.

  3. Trina Avatar

    thank you, natalie! we don't have tv, but I'm sure some of our other readers will appreciate the link.

    Mother, you list was Creative and Cultivated. 🙂 Calling my mother is definitely on my list!

  4. Natalie Roth Avatar
    Natalie Roth

    Ah-ha! I was trying to remember where I'd seen Cranford mentioned… They are going to be showing a version of it (I don't know if it's the same one you've seen) on Masterpiece Theatre starting May 4th.

  5. Your Mother Avatar
    Your Mother

    Some thoughts on Cabin Fever in the key of "C"

    "For years I have suspected that in happy and fulfilled lives domesticity and spirituality are invisibly but inexorably connected–one a golden thread, one a silver filament–which, when woven together, create a tapestry of contentment."

    I'm thrilled to see that you have cultivated contentment in your daily rounds.

    Let me include a few of my ceremonials for common days:

    coffee in my cozy bed brought to me by caring husband.

    Phone conversations with dear married daughter.

    Writing encouraging quotes on the chalkboards.

    An afternoon "cuppa" and homemade cookie while listening to classical music and browsing through gardening catalogues.

    Caesar salad with croûtons, glass of Chardonnay, steak charbroiled over coals by caring husband in -10 degrees Celsius!!!

  6. Katie Avatar

    This was such an inspiring post even though we don't suffer too much from cabin fever here in the south!!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  7. RahRah Avatar

    Citrus and Chopin! Can't go wrong there. I'm guessing we'll do a "D" list next? You must be teaching your son the ABC's 🙂 Citrus for me lately has been lime zest on green beans. Yum-O!
    I'm (was) a lurker too, for the past few months. I enjoy the way you relate to eachother. Isn't it amazing that sisters can be such Good friends? It's His grace that keeps us together in the one true faith. Bless You (all).
    -Sarah T

  8. liv Avatar

    A good cry.

  9. Aunt B Avatar
    Aunt B

    all Great ideas, Trina!
    I don't drink caffeine either–it makes me jittery. I haven't tried making the homemade Chai before. Is that some soup you have on the burner?–looks yummy!
    Aunt Beverly

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