Crying over spilled milk…

My life in the aftermath of the holidays is a two-fold Quest –
1. to catch up on sleep
2. get to the bottom of the laundry pile

Claire is the spittiest baby I’ve ever met – she makes an entire load of laundry every 24 hours. She spits up constantly – on me, on the floor, on the couch, and, of course, on herself. Down her neck, all over her self, her hair is crusty, smells like sour milk and she requires at least every 12 hours. I’ve tried to see if it’s anything in my diet – I havn’t had dairy in days, nor wheat since Monday’s lunch.

Oh, and did I mention my two year old is teething?

So, last night I finally sat down to do an internet search on what else could be triggering Claire’s colic – after I had an evening snack of pink grapefruit. (The order of these activities is crucial to the story) There, on the list right next to chocolate, broccoli, and caffeine, was citrus! If only I’d known – I’ve had a orange or grapefruit every day for last week or two – it’s one of my favorite things in the winter! Sorry, Claire! So, I’m cutting out citrus!

Then I read that things with a lot of Vitamin C or acidity can trigger indigestion. I grabbed my Calcium-Magneseum supplement that I take every night before bed, and read the label. Ooops – let’s just say it has a LOT of vitamin C! So, I skipped my supplements last night.

And…She was less spitty today. I refrain from exclamation points or cheerleading stunts, ’cause the verdict is still out. It could be a fluke. But I really hope it is the citrus, as that would be a whole lot easier to cut out than dairy or wheat, even if I do crave oranges! The fact is, yesterday Claire went through three outfits and twice as many bibs by noon, and today she’s only on her second outfit all day. I’m beginning to hope…

2 responses to “Crying over spilled milk…”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Citrus always did it for Aidan too. Well that, peppers, any kind of tomato product, etc. Acidity. It created all sorts of spitty reactions with him.

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    Oh boy sounds like you have been having fun.It’s got to be one of the hardest things trying to figure out what you are eating that could be affecting your baby.I can’t say I look forward to that time.Citrus huh,I will have to store that away somewhere in my mind.Hope everything else is going well.*hugs*

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